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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Nagasaki JapaneseUshiyama, Mari
2-Mar-2013The National Curriculum Framework for Australian Indigenous languages-
30-Sep-2011The National Indigenous Languages Survey of Australia , 2011Marmion, Doug; Obata, Kazuko
17-Dec-2007Natqgu Literacy: Capturing Three Domains for Written Language UseBoerger, Brenda H.
13-Jun-24472NaxiZhao, Qinglian
1-Mar-2013New developments in Arbil-
28-Feb-2013New knowledge: Findings from the Catalogue of Endangered Languages-
12-Mar-2015New school linguistics for practitioners of oral languages-
Feb-2016New speakers of Minderico: Dynamics and tensions in the revitalization processVera Ferreira
1-Mar-2013No linguist, no problem: How one tribe uses technology to preserve and promote Luiseño language among all Luiseño people-
12-Mar-2015Non-standard transcription of Innu: An essential ingredient of its documentation-
Dec-2014Notes from the Field: Baskeet Phonological Sketch and Digital WordlistTreis, Yvonne; Werth, Alexander
Oct-2012Notes from the Field: Chicahuaxtla Triqui Digital Wordlist and Preliminary ObservationsElliott, A. Raymond; Sandoval Cruz, Fulgencio; Santiago Rojas, Felipe
28-Feb-2013Novel developments in ELAN-
2-Jun-2011The observer's paradox: Some forms of skewing that can occur in language documentation and some possible ways to mitigate themMerrill, Elizabeth
2005Okinawan Motobu DialectSakihara, Masashi
14-Mar-2009OLAC: Accessing the world's language resourcesBird, Steven; Simons, Gary
14-Mar-2009OLCAP: The Online Language Community Access Program in AustraliaLee, Jason
Dec-2014On beginning the study of the tone system of a Dene (Athabaskan) language: Looking backRice, Keren
Dec-2012On Being a Linguist and Doing Linguistics: Negotiating Ideology through PerformativityStebbins, Tonya