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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Sep-201501 - WelcomeBerez-Kroeker, Andrea L.; Holton, Gary; Kung, Susan Smythe; Pulsifer, Peter
23-Sep-201502 - State of the art in ethno-scientific data managementDuerr, Ruth
23-Sep-201503 - Data publication opportunities and challengesCarlson, Dave
23-Sep-201504 - Data citation: State of the art in linguisticsBerez-Kroeker, Andrea L.; Gawne, Lauren; Kelly, Barbara F.; Heston, Tyler
23-Sep-201505 - Simple integration of data citation into research practicePulsifer, Peter
23-Sep-201506 - Issues in data attributionHolton, Gary
23-Sep-201507 - Minipresentations on current citation practices in journals and subfieldsAmeka, Felix; Rice, Keren; Thieberger, Nicholas; Dubinsky, Stanley; Legate, Julie Anne
23-Sep-201508 - Minipresentations on evaluationWoodbury, Anthony C.; Meier, Richard; Thomason, Sally; Dailey, Meagan; Henke, Ryan; Perez Gonzalez, Jaime; Williams, Nick; Kung, Susan Smythe
23-Sep-201509 - Minipresentations on data packaging and archivesHolton, Gary; Welcher, Laura; Kung, Susan Smythe; Trilsbeek, Paul; Turin, Mark; Seyfeddinipur, Mandana
Jan-20141. Death by other means: Neo-vernacularization of South Asian languagesAnnamalai, E.
23-Sep-201510 - Minipresentations on digital humanitiesClement, Tanya E.; Simons, Gary F.
23-Sep-201511 - Minipresentations on educating the linguistics communityPulsifer, Peter; Nathan, Geoffrey
23-Sep-201512-15 - Working Group final reportsSeyfeddinipur, Mandana; Thieberger, Nicholas; Pulsifer, Peter; Thomason, Sally
20091st International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation (ICLDC) conference programNational Foreign Language Resource Center
8-Aug-108081st International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation (ICLDC) ProgramDepartment of Linguistics
Jan-20142. Majority language deathKhokhlova, Liudmila V.
24-May-20112nd International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation programOrganizing Committee of the 2nd International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation
Jan-20143. Ahom and Tangsa: Case studies of language maintenance and loss in North East IndiaMorey, Stephen
28-Feb-20133rd ICLDC Conference program-
Jan-20144. Script as a potential demarcator and stabilizer of languages in South AsiaBrandt, Carmen