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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2016Brief considerations about language policy: An European assessmentPaulo Carvalho Vicente; Francisco Carvalho Vicente
12-Mar-2015Bringing it together: Implementing community-based Tahltan language revitalization research-
2009Buhi'non (Bikol) Digital Wordlist: Presentation FormOlson, Kenneth S.; Ballenas, Emy T.; Borromeo, Nilo M.
30-Sep-2011Building a regional digital language archive for Amazonian languages: Methods for digitalization, organization, archiving and training at the Museu Goeldi/BrazilCosta, Rosileide Gomes; Galúcio, Ana Vilacy
12-Mar-2015Building communicative competence and motivation among diverse learners of Zapotec in Teotitlan del Valle-
14-Mar-2009Building online dictionaries for a Taiwanese indigenous language in a collaborative teamRau, Victoria; Yang, Meng-Chien; Dong, Maa-Neu
Oct-2013Building the British Sign Language CorpusSchembri, Adam; Fenlon, Jordan; Rentelis, Ramas; Reynolds, Sally; Cormier, Kearsy
2-Jun-2011Building up broad support for heritage language maintenance through the Language Documentation Training Center at the University of Hawaii at MānoaAnip, Erenst
12-Mar-2015Busy intersections: A framework for revitalization-
30-May-2011C1 dictionaries colloquium: Collaborative dictionary making with WeSayHatton, John
30-May-2011C1 dictionaries colloquium: Dealing with variation in a trilingual dictionaryAustin, Peter
30-May-2011C1 dictionaries colloquium: Documenting indigenous knowledge in dictionaries: The Marquesas IslandsCablitz, Gaby
2-Jun-2011C3 CTLDC panel: Creating global training networks: The Consortium on Training in Language Documentation and ConservationGenetti, Carol
30-Sep-2011C3 CTLDC Panel: Delivering linguistic training to speakers of endangered languages: CILLDI (University of Alberta) and the Community Linguist Certificate ProgramRice, Sally; Wilmot, Joe
2-Jun-2011C3 CTLDC panel: Developing grassroots training for Australia's Indigenous langauages: RNLD and the Documenting and Revitalising Indigenous Languages (DRIL) training modelFlorey, Margaret
2-Jun-2011C3 CTLDC panel: Finding our way: Language documentation and teacher training through the Oklahoma Native Languages AssociationLinn, Mary; Morgan, Candessa
30-May-2011C4 grammaticography colloquium: A system for an online language descriptionLehmann, Christian
30-May-2011C4 grammaticography colloquium: Electronic grammars: Taking advantage of the possibilitiesMaxwell, Mike
31-May-2011C4 grammaticography colloquium: From database to treebank: Enhancing a hypertext grammar with grammar engineeringBender, Emily M.
30-May-2011C4 grammaticography colloquium: Grammars in the cloud: Linking grammatical data into grammatical storiesGood, Jeff