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Apr-1964The Origin and Affinity of the Biota of the Kodiak Island Group, AlaskaVincent, Robert E.
Apr-1964Polydora and Related Genera (Annelida, Polychaeta) from Eniwetok, Majuro, and Bikini Atolls, Marshall IslandsWoodwick, Keith H.
Apr-1964Redescription of Bolbella californica Allgen, 1951 (Enchelidiidae: Nematoda), with Notes on its Ecology off Southern CaliforniaJones, Gilbert F.
Apr-196418:2 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Apr-1964Identification of Leptocephalus acuticeps Regan as the Larva of the Eel Genus AvocettinaOrton, Grace L.
Apr-1964The Taxonomy of Polysiphonia in HawaiiMenez, Ernani G.
Apr-1964Postlarval Scombroid Fishes of the Genera Acanthocybium, Nealotus, and Diplospinus from the Central Pacific OceanStrasburg, Donald W.
Apr-1964Recent Observations on Neck Extensions in Folliculinids (Protozoa)Matthews, Donald C.
Apr-1964Occurrence of Two Species of Young Threadfin, Polydactylus opercularis and P. approximans, in the Offshore Waters of the Eastern Tropical Pacific OceanKlawe, W.L.; Alverson, F.G.
Apr-1964Reproduction in the Aggregating Sea Anemone, Anthopleura elegantissimaFord, Charles E Jr.
Apr-1964New Records of New Caledonian Nonmarine Mollusks and an Analysis of the Introduced MollusksSolem, Alan
Apr-1964Generalized Titanomagnetite in Hawaiian Volcanic RocksKatsura, Takashi
Apr-1964Some Aquatic Fungi Imperfecti from HawaiiAnastasiou, C.J.
Apr-1964Nonmarine Mollusks of Rongelap Atoll, Marshall IslandsReigle, Norman J.