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Title: Materials for a Monograph of Freycinetia Gaud. (Pandanaceae) XIII A New Species from Ternate Island, Moluccas 
Author: Stone, Benjamin C.
Date: 1970-07
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Stone BC. 1970. Materials for a monograph of Freycinetia Gaud. (Pandanaceae) XIII a new species from Ternate Island, Moluccas. Pac Sci 24(3): 417-419.
Abstract: Among the rich collections of Pandanaceae
in the herb aria of Bogor (BO) and Leiden (L)
are numerous specimens of Freycinetia collected
in Ternate by V. M. A. Beguin. The greater
part of these represent a species which had been
given a new name in manuscript by C. A.
Backer, but which he evidently never published;
this name was based on the name of the island
Ternate. Recently (Stone, 1970) I have described
this as a new species, closely related to
Freycinetia insignis Blume. Not all the specimens
collected by Beguin are of this species,
however, and the several mentioned here appear
to represent a different species, not very close
to F. insignis (which pertains to Sect. Blumeella),
but rather to F. arborea Gaud . and its
nearest relatives, which together form Sect.
Freycinetia. In this paper the name Freycinetia
leptostachya is proposed for th is interesting new
endemic of Ternate.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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