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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1965Problems of the Upper Mantle and Hawaii as a Site for the Moho HoleWoollard, George P.
Jul-1965A Seismic Refraction Study of the Koolau Volcanic PlugAdams, William Mansfield; Furumoto, Augustine S.
Jul-1965The Structure of Koolau Volcano from Seismic Refraction StudiesFurumoto, Augustine S.; Thompson, Noel J.; Woollard, George P.
Jul-1965Ultrasonic Velocities and Related Elastic Properties of Hawaiian Basaltic RocksManghnani, Murli H.; Woollard, George P.
Jul-1965Seismic Refraction Studies of the Crustal Structure of the Hawaiian ArchipelagoFurumoto, Augustine S.; Woollard, George P.
Jul-1965The Lithologic Constitution of the Crust and Mantle in the Hawaiian AreaMacDonald, Gordon A.
Jul-196519:3 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jul-1965A Reconnaissance Gravity Survey of the Island of Kauai, HawaiiKrivoy, Harold L.; Baker, Melville Jr.; Moe, Euguene E.
Jul-1965Gravity Investigations on the Leeward Islands of the Hawaiian Ridge and Johnston IslandKroenke, Loren W.; Woollard, George P.
Jul-1965An Analysis of the Gravity Field Over the Hawaiian Islands in Terms of Crustal StructureStrange, William E.; Woollard, George P.; Rose, John C.
Jul-1965Magnetic Studies of Rocks and Sediments Obtained by Deep DrillingBelshe, John C.
Jul-1965The Paleomagnetic Significance of Aeromagnetic Surveys of the Hawaiian IslandsMalahoff, Alexander; Strange, William E.
Jul-1965A Gravity Survey of the Island of Oahu, HawaiiStrange, William E.; Machesky, L.F.; Woollard, George P.
Jul-1965A Gravity Survey of the Island of Niihau, HawaiiKrivoy, Harold L.
Jul-1965Hawaiian CalderasMacDonald, Gordon A.
Jul-1965A Reconnaissance Gravity Survey of the Island of Molokai, HawaiiMoore, James G.; Krivoy, Harold L.
Jul-1965A Preliminary Gravity Survey of the Island of Lanai, HawaiiKrivoy, Harold L.; Lane, Michael P.
Jul-1965Seismic Reflection Studies of Sediment Thickness Around the Hawaiian RidgeKroenke, Loren W.
Jul-1965A Gravity Survey of the Island of HawaiiKinoshita, W.T.
Jul-1965A Gravity Survey of the Island of Maui, HawaiiKinoshita, W.T.; Okamura, R.T.