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Title: Crustal and Upper Mantle Structure of the Solomon Islands as Revealed by Seismic Refraction Survey of November-December 1966
Authors: Furumoto, A.S.
Hussong, D.M.
Campbell, J.F.
Sutton, G.H.
Malahoff, A.
show 2 moreRose, J.C.
Woollard, G.P.

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Issue Date: Jul-1970
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Furumoto AS, Hussong DM, Campbell JF, Sutton GH, Malahoff A, Rose JC, Woollard GP. 1970. Crustal and upper mantle structure of the Solomon Islands as revealed by seismic refraction survey of November-December 1966. Pac Sci 24(3): 315-332.
Abstract: A seismic refraction survey was carried out in the waters around
the Solomon Islands during November and December 1966. Three ships were
involved in the survey: two, stationed at the end points of the traverses, acted as
recording ships; the third steamed along the traverses and dropped explosives.
Reflection profiling and magnetic surveys were simultaneously carried out with the
refraction survey. The results show that (a) on the Ontong Java Plateau to the
northwest of the islands the crust is about 25 km thick with subnormal crustal
velocities; (b) southwest of the New Georgia Islands the crust is thinner than
normal and is underlain by a mantle with low velocity; (c) southwest of Bougainville
Island the crust is generally of normal oceanic structure underlain by a mantle
with low velocity; and (d) mantle material in the Slot is found at a depth of
14 km.
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 24, Number 3, 1970

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