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Title: Monograph of the Hawaiian Species of Gouania (Rhamnaceae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 34 
Author: St. John, Harold
Date: 1969-10
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: St. John H. 1969. Monograph of the Hawaiian species of Gouania (Rhamnaceae). Hawaiian plant studies 34. Pac Sci 23(4): 507-543.
Abstract: The genus Gouania was early noted as a part
of the Hawaiian flora by F. J. F. Meyen (1835),
and he described a new species, basing it upon
his own collection made on Diamond Head,
Oahu, in 1831. He published the species in his
narrative (1835:150) as G. integrifolia, but
this epithet was a homonym of the earlier one
for another species by Lamarck. When Walpers
prepared the botanical report on the collections
of this voyage of the "Prinzess Louise," he
realized that Meyen's binomial was unavailable,
so published it anew (1843:323) as Gossania
orbicularis. There was no existing genus Gossania,
and it is evident that no new genus was
intended. The generic name was apparently the
printer's attempt to reproduce the author's
handwriting, and it was not corrected in proofreading.
It is apparent that Walpers intended to
publish the binomial Gouania orbicularis. It was
so listed in the Index Kewensis, and this rendering
seems to be correct. However, this second
binomial was unnecessary, as in 1840 Steude1
had already published for it the valid name
Gouania Meyeni (Steudel, 1840:703).
ISSN: 0030-8870

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