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Title: Paleontological Analyses of North Pacific Ocean-Bottom Cores 
Author: Thomas, Charles W.
Date: 1969-10
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Thomas CW. 1969. Paleontological analyses of North Pacific ocean-bottom cores. Pac Sci 23(4): 473-482.
Abstract: Three North Pacific ocean-bottom cores were studied. Core No.1 was
taken on the rim of the Aleutian Trench, south of Attu Island; core NO.2, about
140 miles south of Attu Island; and core No.8, on the Marcus-Necker Ridge. The
upper 40 em of core No. 1 is almost entirely organic material and the remainder of
the 315-cm core is predominantly glacial marine sediments. Climatic conditions and
source of clastics are inferred. Core No. 2 was of virtually no stratigraphic value,
due to the reworking of the sediments. The upper 200 cm of core No. 8 were
analyzed, dated, and correlated with other low-latitude cores, with core NO.1, and
with cores from the central Arctic Ocean studied by Soviet scientists. A foraminiferan
generally believed to be Tertiary was found in association with Pleistocene
foraminiferan species.
The analyses confirm the basic premise of the Ewing and Donn theory of ice
ages, and suggest that stadial intervals are mainly ones of slow glacial wastage.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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