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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1973A New Halimeda (Chlorophyceae, Codiaceae) from the PhilippinesTaylor, Wm Randolph
Jul-1973A New Living Species of Gouania (Rhamnaceae) on Oahu, Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian Plant Studies 40St. John, Harold
Jan-1973New Species of Pycnogonida from New Britain and TongaClark, W.C.
Apr-1973A New Species of the Pacific Coral Genus Blastomussa from New CaledoniaWijsman-Best, Maya
Oct-1973On the Use of Morphometric Data as a Guide to Reproductive Maturity in the Ghost Crab, Ocypode ceratophthalmus (Pallas) (Brachyura, Ocypodidae)Haley, S.R.
Oct-1973Pacific Ocean Equatorial Temperature and WindMontgomery, R.B.
Apr-1973Palauan Fish NamesHelfman, Gene S.; Randall, John E.
Jan-1973Pelagic Amphipoda from the Waters near Oahu, Hawaii, Excluding the Family ScinidaeBrusca, Gary J.
Jul-1973Plant Succession on Pago and Witori Volcanoes, New BritainPaijmans, K.
Jul-1973Pollutants in North Pacific AlbatrossesFisher, Harvey I.
Oct-1973A Preliminary Report of the Biology of the Genus Charpentiera (Amaranthaceae)Sohmer, S.H.
Apr-1973Primary Productivity in a Nutrient-Limited Tropical EstuaryKrasnick, George; Caperon, John
Apr-1973Putative Generic Hybrids of Haleakala's Silversword and Kupaoa (Argyroxiphium sandwicense x Dubautia menziesii) CompositaeKobayashi, Herbert K.
Oct-1973Reef Corals and Coral Reefs in the Vicinity of Port Moresby, South Coast of Papua New GuineaWeber, Jon N.
Oct-1973A Review of the Damselfish Genus Chromis from the Hawaiian Islands, with Descriptions of Three New SpeciesRandall, John E.; Swerdloff, Stanley N.
Jan-1973Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman. Part 35 Additional Pandanus Species from New GuineaSt. John, Harold
Apr-1973The Sequence of Appearance at Dawn and Disappearance at Dusk of Some Coral Reef FishesDomm, S.B.; Domm, A.J.
Oct-1973Size, Growth, and Reproduction of the Sandbar Shark, Carcharhinus milberti, in HawaiiWass, Richard C.
Apr-1973Three New Tanaids (Crustacea, Tanaidacea) from Southern QueenslandBoesch, Donald F.
Apr-1973Tides and Circulation in a Series of Saline Lakes at Christmas IslandGallagher, Brent