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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1972Morphology of the Ear of the Shark Genus Carcharhinus, with Particular Reference to the Macula NeglectaTester, Albert L.; Kendall, Jame I.; Milisen, William B.
Jan-1972A New Genus and New Species of Hawaiian Gobiid FishBaldwin, Wayne J.
Jul-1972New Records for Four Deep-Sea Shrimps from the Northeastern PacificWasmer, Robert A.
Apr-1972Notes on Indo-Pacific Scleractinian Corals. Part 8 Scleractinian Corals from Easter IslandWells, John W.
Jan-1972On Melanochlamys Cheeseman, 1881, a Genus of the Aglajidae (Opisthobranchia, Gastropoda)Rudman, W.B.
Apr-1972On Some Species of Phyllodocidae, Syllidae, Nephtyidae, Goniadidae, Apistobranchidae, and Spionidae (Polychaeta) from the Northeast Pacific OceanBanse, Karl
Jul-1972The Plankton of Perseverance Harbour, Campbell Island, New ZealandRoberts, P.E.
Jul-1972Plantae Hobdyanae Kauaienses Hawaiian Plant Studies 31St. John, Harold
Oct-1972Population Ecology of the Polynesian Rat, Rattus exulans, on Kure Atoll, HawaiiWirtz, William O. II
Apr-1972Predation Protection in the Poison-Fang Blenny, Meiacanthus atrodorsalis, and Its Mimics, Ecsenius bicolor and Runula laudandus (Blenniidae)Losey, George S.
Jul-1972Preliminary Studies of Philippine Eucheuma Species (Rhodophyta) Part 1, Taxonomy and Ecology of Eucheuma arnoldii Weber-van BosseKraft, G.T.
Oct-1972Pseudanthessius comanthi n. sp. (Copepoda, Cyclopoida) Associated with a Crinoid at Eniwetok AtollHumes, Arthur G.
Jan-1972A Report on a Small Collection of Pontoniid Shrimps from Fiji, with the Description of a New Species of Coralliocaris Stimpson (Crustacea, Decapoda, Natantia, Pontoniinae)Bruce, A.J.
Jan-1972A Revision of the Species of the Algal Genus Porphyra Occurring on the Pacific Coast of North AmericaKrishnamurthy, V.
Jul-1972Some Soils and Surficial Deposits in the Kokoda Valley, Papua and New GuineaPain, C.F.
Apr-1972Spirorbinae (Polychaeta, Serpulidae) of the Hawaiian Chain Part 1, New SpeciesVine, Peter J.
Apr-1972Spirorbinae (Polychaeta, Serpulidae) of the Hawaiian Chain Part 2, Hawaiian SpirorbinaeVine, Peter J.; Bailey-Brock, Julie H.; Straughan, Dale
Jan-1972Strongylodon secundus (Leguminosae), a Melanesian Species Pacific Plant Studies 22St. John, Harold
Jan-1972Submarine Canyons off Eastern OahuAndrews, James E.; Bainbridge, Charles