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Apr-1982Speciation and Evolution of Marine Fishes Studied by the Electrophoretic Analysis of ProteinsShaklee, James B.; Tamaru, Clyde S.; Waples, Robin S.
Apr-1982Three New Labrid Fishes of the Genus Coris from the Western PacificRandall, John E.; Kuiter, Rudie H.
Apr-1982Cantherhines longicaudaus, A New Filefish from Oceania, with a Review of the Species of the C. fronticinctus ComplexHutchins, J Barry; Randall, John E.
Apr-1982The Effect of Temperature and Light on Metrosideros polymorpha Seed GerminationBurton, Philip J.
Apr-1982Notes on Indo-Pacific Scleractinian Corals. Part 9. New Corals from the Galapagos IslandsWells, John W.
Apr-1982Basking Behavior of the Hawaiian Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas)Whittow, G.C.; Balazs, G.H.
Apr-1982Larval Ascaridoid Nematodes from Fishes near the Hawaiian Islands, with Comments on Pathgenicity ExperimentsDeardorff, Thomas L.; Kliks, Michael M.; Rosenfeld, Mitchel E.; Rychlinski, Robert A.; Desowitz, Robert S.
Apr-1982Distribution, Morphology, and Geochemistry of Manganese Nodules from the Valivia 13/2 Area, Equatorial North PacificGlasby, G.P.; Friedrich, G.; Thijssen, T.; Pluger, W.L.; Kunzendorf, H.; Ghosh, A.K.; Roonwal, G.S.
Apr-198236:2 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Apr-1982Inheritance of Rugose Leaf in DesmodiumChow, K.H.
Apr-1982New Habitat Report for Maldivia trunguiculata (Borradaile) (Brachyura, Xanthidae), a Facultative Symbiont of Porites lobata Dana in HawaiiColes, Stephen L.