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Jan-1982The Impact of the Prehistoric Polynesians on the Hawaiian EcosystemKirch, Patrick V.
Jan-1982Some Effects of Light on Coral GrowthRoth, Ariel A.; Clausen, Conrad D.; Yahiku, Paul Y.; Clausen, Venus E.; Cox, Walter W.
Jan-1982A Review of the Monotypic Indo-Malayan Labrid Fish Genus XenojulisRandall, John E.; Adamson, Thomas A.
Jan-1982Photographic Investigations on Three Seamounts in the Gulf of AlaskaRaymore, Paul A Jr.
Jan-1982Anchor Species and Epiphytes in intertidal Algal TurfStewart, Joan G.
Jan-1982Beach Erosion at Waimea Bay, Oahu, HawaiiCampbell, J.F.; Hwang, D.J.
Jan-1982Distribution Patterns of Terrestrial Hermit Crabs and Enewetak Atoll, Marchall IslandsPage, H.M.; Willason, S.W.
Jan-1982Mass Explusion of Zooxanthellae by Easter island CoralsEgana, Alfred Cea; DiSalvo, Louis H.
Jan-1982Note on the Fossil Garcinia laddii Fosbergkostermans, AJGH
Jan-1982The Reef Coral Astreopora (Anthozoa, Scleractinia, Astrocoeniidae): A Revision of the Taxonomy and Description of a New SpeciesLamberts, Austin E.
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