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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul 2011Origin of the Helminth Community of an Exotic Invasive Lizard, the Brown Anole, Anolis sagrei (Squamata: Polychrotidae), in Southwestern TaiwanNorval, Gerrut; Bursey, Charles R.; Goldberg, Stephen R.; Mao, Jean-Jay; Slater, Kerry
Oct 2011Spatial and Temporal Comparisons of Benthic Composition at Necker Island, Northwestern Hawaiian IslandsSchopmeyer, Stephanie A.; Vroom, Peter S.; Kenyon, Jean C.
Jul 2011Additions to the Myxomycetes of SingaporeRosing, Wayne C.; Mitchell, David W.; Moreno, Gabriel; Stephenson, Steven L.
Oct 2011Habitats Used by Juvenile Flagtails (Kuhlia spp.; Perciformes: Kuhliidae) on the Island of Hawai‘iMcRae, Mark G.; Benson McRae, Lori; Fitzsimons, J. Michael
Oct 2011Fasciation in Invading Common Mullein, Verbascum thapsus (Scrophulariaceae): Testing the Roles of Genetic and Environmental FactorsAnsari, Shahin; Daehler, Curtis C.
Oct 2011Oceanic Diet and Distribution of Haplotypes for the Green Turtle, Chelonia mydas, in the Central North PacificParker, Denise M.; Dutton, Peter H.; Balazs, George
Jul 2011Marine Sponges, Other Animal Food, and Nonfood Items Found in Digestive Tracts of the Herbivorous Marine Turtle Chelonia mydas in Hawai‘iRussell, Dennis J.; Hargrove, Stacy; Balazs, George H.
Jul 2011First Documented Attack on a Live Human by a Cookiecutter Shark (Squaliformes, Dalatiidae: Isistius sp.)Honebrink, Randy; Buch, Robert; Galpin, Peter; Burgess, George H.
Jul 2011Biological Characteristics of the Spotcheek Emperor, Lethrinus rubrioperculatus, in the Northern Mariana IslandsTrianni, Michael S.
Oct 2011Tropical Eastern Pacific Records of the Prickly Shark, Echinorhinus cookei (Chondrichthyes: Echinorhinidae)Long, Douglas J.; McCosker, John E.; Blum, Shmulik; Klapfer, Avi