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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct 1993Feeding, Reproduction, and Sense Organs of the Hawaiian Anchialine Shrimp Halocaridina rubra (Atyidae)Bailey-Brock, Julie H.; Brock, Richard E.
Jul 1984A Freshwater Bryozoan, Hyalinella vaihiriae Hastings (1929), from Hawaiian Prawn PondsBailey-Brock, Julie H.; Hayward, Peter J.
1986Diopatra dexiognatha, a New Species of Onuphidae (Polychaeta) from Oahu, Hawaiian IslandsPaxton, Hannelore; Bailey-Brock, Julie H.
Jul 2010Protodrilidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) from the Hawaiian Islands and Comparison with Specimens from French Polynesia.Bailey-Brock, Julie H.; Jouin-Toulmond, Claude; Brock, Richard E.
Jul 2007Neosabellaria vitiensis, n. sp. (Annelida: Polychaeta: Sabellariidae), from Shallow Water of Suva Harbor, Fiji.Bailey-Brock, Julie H.; Kirtley, D.W.; Nishi, Eijiroh; Pohler, Susanne M.J.
Oct 2006Evidence for Sequential Hermaphroditism in Sabellastarte spectabilis (Polychaeta: Sabellidae) in Hawai‘i.Bybee, David R.; Bailey-Brock, Julie H.; Tamaru, Clyde S.
Jul 1999Nerillidae of Hawai'i: Two New Records of Interstitial PolychaetesBailey-Brock, Julie H.
Jul 1999A Case Study of Efficacy of Freshwater Immersion in Controlling Introduction of Alien Marine Fouling Communities: The USS MissouriBrock, Richard; Bailey-Brock, Julie H.; Goody, John
Apr 1985Polychaetes from Fijian Coral ReefsBailey-Brock, Julie H.
Oct 1999Intrusion of Anchialine Species in the Marine Environment: The Appearance of an Endemic Hawaiian Shrimp, Halocaridina rubra, on the South Shore of O'ahu (Hawaiian Islands)Bailey-Brock, Julie H.; Brock, Vernon R.; Brock, Richard E.