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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2009Dietary Shifts by Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) in the Ka¯ne‘ohe Bay Region of the Hawaiian Islands: A 28-Year Study.Russell, Dennis J.; Balazs, George H.
Oct-2003Discovery of the Sea Grass Halophila decipiens (Hydrocharitaceae) in the Diet of the Hawaiian Green Turtle, Chelonia mydasRussell, Dennis J.; Balazs, George H.; Phillips, Ron C.; Kam, Alan K.H.
Jul-1971Ecology and Taxonomy of an Epizooic DiatomRussell, Dennis J.; Norris, Richard E.
Apr-1983Ecology of the Imported Red Seaweed Eucheuma striatum Schmitz on Coconut Island, Oahu, HawaiiRussell, Dennis J.
Jan-1978Edible-Oil Pollution on Fanning IslandRussell, Dennis J.; Carlson, Bruce A.
Jul-2011Marine Sponges, Other Animal Food, and Nonfood Items Found in Digestive Tracts of the Herbivorous Marine Turtle Chelonia mydas in Hawai‘iRussell, Dennis J.; Hargrove, Stacy; Balazs, George H.