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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1975The Warbling Silverbill, A New Nesting Bird in HawaiiBerger, Andrew J.
Jul-2000Wartime Medical Cooperation across the Pacific: Wilder Penfield and the Anglo-American Medical Missions to the Soviet Union and China, 1943-1944Avery, Donald
Oct-2008Was Tropical Cyclone Heta or Hunting by People Responsible for Decline of the Lupe (Ducula pacifica) (Aves: Columbidae) Population on Niue during 1994–2004?Powlesland, R.G.; Butler, D.J.; Westbrooke, I.M.
Jul-1980Water Quality Characteristics of Honokohau Harbor: A Subtropical Embayment Affected by Groundwater IntrusionBienfang, P.
Apr-1996Water Quality in a Subtropical Embayment More Than a Decade after Diversion of Sewage DischargesLaws, Edward A.; Allen, Colleen B.
Jan-2010Water-Quality Variables across Sekisei Reef, A Large Reef Complex in Southwestern Japan.Morimoto, Naoko; Furushima, Yasuo; Nagao, Masayuki; Irie, Takahiro; Iguchi, Akira; Suzuki, Atsushi; Sakai, Kazuhiko
Oct-2002Watershed-Scale Comparisons of Algal Biodiversity in High-Quality Proximate Hawaiian Stream EcosystemsSherwood, Alison R.; Kido, Michael H.
1986Weather, Eucalyptus Dieback in New England, and a General Hypothesis of the Cause of DiebackWhite, TCR
Apr-1965Weight Variation in Adrenal Glands of the Mongoose in HawaiiTomich, P.Q.
Oct-1948Western Regional Conference for UNESCO-
Jan-1995Why Do Introduced Species Appear to Devastate Islands More Than Mainland Areas?Simberloff, Daniel
Jan-1997Why Sailing Sea Animals Have Mirror ImagesWoodcock, Alfred H.
Oct-1992William T Brigham's Hawaiian Birds and a Possible Historical Record of Ciridops anna (Aves: Drepanidini) from MolokaiOlson, Storrs L.
Oct-1998Wood Anatomy of Dubautia (Asteraceae: Madiinae) in Relation to Adaptive RadiationCarlquist, Sherwin
Apr-2003Wood Anatomy of Hawaiian and New Guinean Species of Tetramolopium (Asteraceae): Ecological and Systematic AspectsCarlquist, Sherwin; Lowery, Timothy K.
Jan-1985Woody Vegetation in the Upland Region of Rarotonga, Cook IslandsMerlin, Mark D.
Apr-1991Woody Vegetation on the Raised Coral Limestone of Mangaia, Southern Cook IslandsMerlin, Mark D.
Oct-1967The Zoeal Stages and Glaucothoe of the Tropical Eastern Pacific Hermit Crab Trizopagurus magnificus (Bouvier, 1898) (Decapoda; Diogenidae), Reared in the LaboratoryProvenzano, Anthony J J.R.
Jul-1950The Zonation of Marine Algae at Piha, New Zealand, in Relation to the Tidal Factor (Studies in Inter-tidal Zonation 2)Beveridge, W.A.; Chapman, V.J.
Apr-1971The Zoogeographic Relationships of Fanning Island Inshore FishesGosline, William A.