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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1962Variable Factors Affecting the Apparent Range and Estimated Concentration of Euphausiids in the North PacificBrinton, Edward
Jan-1955Variation in Egg and Larva Production of the Anchovy, Stolephorus purpureus Fowler, in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, during 1950-1952Tester, Albert L.
Jan-1995Variation in Reproductive Strategy of the Tropical Paper Wasp, Ropalidia fasciata (Hymenoptera: Vespidae), in Okinawa in Relation to Island Environmental ConditionsIto, Yosiaki
Oct-2003Variation in Structure of the Subcanopy Assemblage Associated with Southern California Populations of the Intertidal Rockweed Silvetia compressa (Fucales)Sapper, Stephanie A.; Murray, Steven N.
Jan-1952Variation in the Vertebral Number of the Anchovy (Stolephorus purpureus) in Hawaiian WatersTester, Albert L.; Hiatt, Robert W.
Oct-1969Variation of Sodium and Chloride Concentrations with Rainfall Intensity in Hawaiian Trade Wind ShowersDuce, Robert A.; Seto, Yuk-Bon; Moyers, Jarvis L.
Jan-1991Variations in Cystocarp Structure in Pterocladia (Gelidiales: Rhodophyta)-
Jul-1961Variations in the Lava of the 1959 Eruption in Kilauea IkiMacDonald, Gordon A.; Katsura, Takashi
Oct-1979A Variety of Colubrina oppositifolia Brongn. ex Mann (Rhamnaceae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 95St. John, Harold
Jul-1974The Vascular Flora of Fanning Island, Line Islands, Pacific OceanSt. John, Harold
Jan-1958Vascular Flora of Pagan Island, Northern MarianasFosberg, F.R.
Jul-1971The Vascular Plants of the Horne and Wallis IslandsSt. John, Harold; Smith, Albert C.
Jul-1982Vascular Resistance in the Isolated Gills of Octopus macropus and Nautilus pompiliusRedmond, James R.; Bourne, George B.
Jan-1983The Vegetation and Environment of the Crater District of Haleakala National ParkWhiteaker, Louis D.
Jul-1983Vegetation and Flora of the Aleipata Islands, Western SamoaWhistler, W Arthur
Oct-1977Vegetation and Urbanization on Majuro Atoll, Marshall IslandsSabath, Michael D.
Apr-1992Vegetation Ecology of Fiji: Past, Present, and Future PerspectivesAsh, Julian
Jan-2007Vegetation History of Laysan Island, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.Athens, J.S.; Ward, J.V.; Blinn, D.W.
Oct-1983Vegetation Mortality in the Kaimai Ranges, North Island, New ZealandJane, G.T.; Green, TGA
Oct-1971Vegetation of an Alpine Bog on East Maui, HawaiiVogl, Richard J.; Henrickson, James