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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1954Objective Estimates of Hawaiian RainfallStidd, Charles K.
Jan-2005An observation of inking behavior protecting adult octopus bocki from predation by green turtle (Chelonia mydas) hatchlingsCaldwell, Roy L.
Apr-2010An Observation of Mating in Free-Ranging Blacktip Reef Sharks, Carcharhinus melanopterus.McCauley, Douglas J.; Papastamatiou, Yannis P.; Young, Hillary S.
Jan-1963Observations and Experiments on the Food Habits of California Sea Hares of the Genus AplysiaWinkler, Lindsay R.; Dawson, E.Y.
Apr-1999Observations of a Probable Hybrid Angelfish of the Genus Holacanthus from the Sea of Cortez, MexicoSala, Enric; Aburto-Oropeza, Octavio; Arreola-Robles, Jose L.
Jan-1964Observations of the Reproductive Cycles and Ecology of the Common Brachyura and Crablike Anomura of Puget Sound, WashingtonKnudsen, Jens W.
Jan-1952Observations on a Specimen of Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) Taken in Hawaiian WatersJune, Fred C.
Oct-1992Observations on Egg Hatching in the Estuarine Crab Sesarma haematocheirSaigusa, Masayuki
Jan-1969Observations on Hawaiian Species of Wikstroemia (Angiospermae: Thymelaeaceae)Gupta, Samta; Gillett, G.W.
Jan-1975Observations on Living Juvenile Specimens of the Slender Mola, Ranzania laevis (Pisces, Molidae)Robison, Bruce H.
Jan-1966Observations on Osmotic Relationships in the Holothurian Opheodesoma spectabilisFreeman, Paul J.
Apr-1976Observations on the Behavior and Shell Types of Cypraea moneta (Mollusca, Gastropoda) at Enewetak, Marshall IslandsRenaud, Maurice L.
Apr-1967Observations on the Biology of the Lousefish, Phtheirichthys lineatus (Menzies)Strasburg, Donald W.
Jul-1966Observations on the Ecology of Four Apogonid FishesStrasburg, Donald W.
Jan-1971Observations on the Feeding Behavior of Conus geographus (Gastropoda:Toxoglossa)Johnson, Clifford R.; Stablum, William
Jan-1980Observations on the Genus Santalum (Santalaceae) in HawaiiStemmermann, Lani
Apr-1949Observations on the Haemoproteus of Pigeons in Honolulu, HawaiiKartman, L.
Jan-1950Observations on the Heart Shell, Corculum. cardissa (L.), and Its Associated ZooxanthellaeKawaguti, Siro
Jan-1977Observations on the Life History of Diplectrum pacificum and D. macropoma (Pisces, Serranidae) from the Bay of PanamaBortone, Stephen A.
Apr-1980Observations on the Life History of the Endangered Hawaiian Vetch (Vicia menziesii) (Fabaceae) and Its Use by BirdsRalph, C John; Pearson, Alison P.; Phillips, David C.