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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1992Naso caesius, a New Acanthurid Fish from the Central PacificRandall, John E.; Bell, Lori J.
Apr-2005Nasoata Mangrove Island, the PABITRA Coastal Study Site for Viti Levu, Fiji IslandsThaman, Randolph R.; Keppel, Gunnar; Whatling, Dick; Thaman, Batiri; Naikatini, Alifereti; Thaman, Baravi; Bolaqace, Nemani; Sekinoco, Etika; Masere, Manasa
Oct-1952The Nassariidae of the West Coast of North America between Cape San Lucas, Lower California, and Cape Flattery, WashingtonDemond, Joan
Jul-1971The Natantian Shrimps (Crustacea, Decapoda) Associated with Invertebrates in HawaiiCastro, Peter
Jan-2010A Native Besieged: Effects of Nonnative Frugivores and Ground Vegetation on Seed Removal in a Highly Endangered Hawaiian Shrub, Delissea rhytidosperma (Campanulaceae).Erwin, Tracy L.; Young, Truman P.
Oct-1964Native Hawaiian Cotton (Gossypium tomentosum Nutt.)Stephens, S.G.
Oct-1979The Native Hawaiian Species of Morinda (Rubiaceae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 94St. John, Harold
Oct-1979The Native Species of Senecio (Compositae) in Hawaii Hawaiian Plant Studies 53St. John, Harold
Oct-2010Native Species Regeneration Following Ungulate Exclusion and Nonnative Grass Removal in a Remnant Hawaiian Dry Forest.Thaxton, Jarrod M.; Cole, T. Colleen; Cordell, Susan; Cabin, Robert J.; Sandquist, Darren R.; Litton, Creighton M.
Oct-1978Native Use of Marine Invertebrates in Old HawaiiTitcomb, Margaret; Fellows, Danielle B.; Pukui, Mary Kawena; Devaney, Dennis M.
Jul-2003Natural Diet of Juvenile Abalone Haliotis fulgens and H. corrugata (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in Bahia Tortugas, MexicoGuzman del Proo, Sergio A.; Serviere-Zaragoza, Elisa; Siqueiros-Beltrones, David
Jul-2000Natural History in New Zealand: The Legacy of EuropeAndrews, John
Jul-1970The Natural History of Haliclona ecbasis de Laubenfels, a Siliceous Sponge of CaliforniaFell, Paul E.
Oct-1991Natural Interspecific Hybridization in Gunnera (Gunneraceae) of the Juan Fernandez Islands, ChilePacheco, Patricia; Stuessy, Tod F.; Crawford, Daniel J.
Oct-2001Naturalists' Practices and Nature's Empire: Paris and the Platypus, 1815-1833Burkhardt, Richard W Jr.
Jul-1982The Nautilus Siphuncle as an Ion PumpMangum, Charlotte P.; Towle, David W.
Oct-2006Nearshore Distribution and an Abundance Estimate for Green Sea Turtles, Chelonia mydas, at Rota Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.Kolinski, Steven P.; Hoeke, Ronald K.; Holzwarth, Stephani R.; Ilo, Larry I.; Cox, Evelyn F.; O’Conner, Robert C.; Vroom, Peter S.
Jan-1983Nematode-Induced Abdominal Distention in the Hawaiian Puffer Fish, Canthigaster jactator (Jenkins)Deardorff, Thomas L.; Stanton, Frank G.
Jul-2007Neosabellaria vitiensis, n. sp. (Annelida: Polychaeta: Sabellariidae), from Shallow Water of Suva Harbor, Fiji.Bailey-Brock, Julie H.; Kirtley, D.W.; Nishi, Eijiroh; Pohler, Susanne M.J.
Jul-1999Nerillidae of Hawai'i: Two New Records of Interstitial PolychaetesBailey-Brock, Julie H.