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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1964Identification of Leptocephalus acuticeps Regan as the Larva of the Eel Genus AvocettinaOrton, Grace L.
1988Identification of Mullerian Chromosomal Elements in Hawaiian Drosophila by in situ DNA HybridizationJeffery, Duane E.; Farmer, James L.; Pliley, Michael
Jul-1990Identity of Aralia bastardiana DecaisneFrodin, D.G.
Apr-1955Identity of Breeding Temperatures in Southern and Northern Hemisphere Species of Mytilus (Lamellibranchia)Allen, F.E.
Jan-2010Immature East Pacific Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) Use Multiple Foraging Areas off the Pacific Coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico: First Evidence from Mark-Recapture Data.Senko, Jesse; Lopez-Castro, Melania C.; Koch, Volker; Nichols, Wallace J.
Jul-1982An Immunochemical Study of Structural and Evolutionary Relationships among Molluscan Octopine DehydrogenasesBaldwin, John
Jul-1992The Impact of Alien Species on Island Ecosystems: Extended Abstracts of a Symposium, 30 May 1991, Honolulu, Hawaii, XVII Pacific Science CongressCowie, Robert H.
Jul-1983The Impact of Cyclone Isaac on the Coast of TongaWoodroffe, Colin D.
Oct-2009Impact of Human Colonization on the Landscape: A View from the Western Pacific.Summerhayes, Glenn R.; Leavesley, Matthew; Fairbairn, Andy
Apr-2004Impact of Stream Hardening on Water Quality and Metabolic Characteristics of Waimanalo and Kane'ohe Streams, O'ahu, Hawaiian IslandsLaws, Edward A.; Roth, Lauren
Jan-1982The Impact of the Prehistoric Polynesians on the Hawaiian EcosystemKirch, Patrick V.
Apr-1978The Impact of Typhoon Pamela (1976) on Guam's Coral Reefs and BeachesOgg, James G.; Koslow, J Anthony
Oct-1957Impact Scars at KilaueaWentworth, Chester K.
Jul-2001Impacts of Feral Livestock on Island WatershedsVan Vuren, Dirk H.; Johnson, Michael L.; Bowen, Lizabeth
Oct-2010Impacts of Recreational Divers on Palauan Coral Reefs and Options for Management.Poonian, Chris; Davis, Patricia Z.R.; McNaughton, Colby Kearns
Oct-2003Importance of Benthic Prey for Fishes in Coral Reef-Associated SedimentsDeFelice, Ralph C.; Parrish, James D.
Apr-1963Important Pacific Insect Pests of Sugar CanePemberton, C.E.
Oct-1998"In Behalf of the Science of the Country": The Smithsonian and the U.S. Navy in the North Pacific in the 1850sRothenberg, Marc
Jul-1976In Memoriam: Albert Lewis Tester, 1908-1974-
Jul-1972Incremental Color Change in an Anomuran Decapod Hippa pacifica DanaWenner, Adrian M.