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Jul-1947Factors in the Behavior of Ground Water in a Ghyben-Herzberg SystemWentworth, Chester K.
Jul-1947Notes: New Botanical Bibliography of Pacific Islands; Scientists and the Fortieth Anniversary of the University of HawaiiMerrill, E.D.
Oct-1947The Skeletons of Recent and Fossil GymnogypsFisher, Harvey I.
Oct-1947Cycles in Rainfall and Validity in Prediction of Rainfall in HawaiiWentworth, Chester K.
Oct-1947The Mechanics of the Explosive Eruption of Kilauea in 1924Finch, R.H.
Oct-1947Ghost Prawns (Sub-Family Luciferinae) in HawaiiHiatt, Robert W.
Oct-1947Notes: Opportunities for Financing of Research in the Pacific Under the Fulbright Act-
Oct-1947The Little Hearts (Corculum) of the Pacific and Indian OceansBartsch, Paul
Oct-19471:4 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Oct-1947Brackish-Water Algae from the Hawaiian IslandsAbbott, Isabella A.
Oct-1947A Manilkara Found on Oahu, HawaiiNeal, Marie C.
19482: Index - Pacific Science-
Jan-1948The Polychaetous Annelids of AlaskaHartman, Olga
Jan-19482:1 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jan-1948Notes. Observations on Parasites of Domestic Animals in MicronesiaAlicata, Joseph E.
Jan-1948Notes. Preliminary Note on the Oceanographic Program of the Hawaii Marine LaboratoryHiatt, Robert W.
Jan-1948Laysan Albatross Nesting on Moku Manu Islet, off Oahu, T. H.Fisher, Harvey I.
Apr-1948Diurnal Weather Patterns on Oahu and Lanai, HawaiiLeopold, Luna B.
Apr-1948Additions to Galapagos FungiMartin, G.W.
Apr-1948Notes. Transfer of Hawaiian Volcano ObservatoryWentworth, Chester K.