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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1977A Taxonomic Review of Hawaiian Gelidiales (Rhodophyta)Santelices, Bernabe
Apr-1962Taxonomic Revision of Sagitta robusta and Sagitta ferox Doncaster, and Notes on Their Distribution in the PacificAlvarino, Angeles
Jul-1997A Taxonomic Revision of the Endemic Hawaiian Lysimachia (Primulaceae) Including Three New SpeciesMarr, Kendrick L.; Bohm, Bruce A.
Jul-1949A Taxonomic Revision of the Genus Neraudia (Urticaceae)Cowan, Richard S.
Jul-1950A Taxonomic Revision of the Hawaiian Species of the Genus CarexKrauss, Robert W.
Apr-1956A Taxonomic Revision of the Hawaiian Species of the Genus Sophora Linnaeus (Family Leguminosae)Chock, Alvin K.
Oct-1977Taxonomic Status, Biology, and Distribution of Hawaiian Lentipes, a Diadromous GobyMaciolek, J.A.
Apr-1957A Taxonomic Study of the Genus Eugenia (Myrtaceae) in HawaiiWilson, Kenneth A.
Jan-1961A Taxonomic Study of the Indigenous Hawaiian Species of the Genus Hibiscus (Malvaceae)Roe, Margaret J.
Oct-1969Taxonomy and Host Associations of Some Parasitic Copepods (Crustacea) from Pelagic Teleost FishesLewis, A.G.; Dean, J.; Gilfillan, E III
Apr-1964The Taxonomy of Polysiphonia in HawaiiMenez, Ernani G.
Jul-1954The Taxonomy of the Salpidae (Tunicata) of the Central Pacific OceanYount, James L.
Jul-1984Telemetric Investigation of Vertical Migration of Nautilus belauensis in PalauCarlson, Bruce A.; McKibben, James N.; DeGruy, Michael V.
Apr-1966Temperature and Salinity Control of the Concentration of Skeletal Na, Mn, and Fe in Dendraster excentricusHarriss, Robert C.; Pilkey, Orrin H.
Jan-2010Temporal Changes in Reef Community Structure at Bintan Island (Indonesia) Suggest Need for Integrated Management.Chou, Loke Ming; Huang, Danwei; Tun, Karenne P.P.; Kwik, Jeffrey T.B.; Tay, Ywee Chieh; Seow, Angie L.
Oct-1991A Temporal Sequence (Chronosequence) of Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Development after Phosphate Mining on Nauru IslandManner, Harley; Morrison, R.J.
Jan-1998Temporal Spawning Patterns of Several Surgeonfishes and Wrasses in American SamoaCraig, P.C.
Apr-1993Temporal Variability of the Nutrient Environment on Davies Reef in the Central Great Barrier Reef, AustraliaAyukai, Tenshi
Jan-2004Temporal Variation in Forest Bird Survey Data from Tutuila Island, American SamoaFreifeld, Holly B.; Solek, Chris; Tualaulelei, Ailao
Oct-2005Temporal variation in photosynthetic pigments and UV-absorbing compounds in shallow populations of two Hawaiian reef coralsKuffner, Ilsa B.