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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1956Pacific Ferns Described in Nightingale's Oceanic SketchesBallard, Francis
Jul-2008Pacific Island Forests: Successionally Impoverished and Now Threatened to Be Overgrown by Aliens?Mueller-Dombois, Dieter
1987Pacific Island Mangroves: Distribution and Environmental SettingsWoodroffe, Colin D.
Oct-1973Pacific Ocean Equatorial Temperature and WindMontgomery, R.B.
Oct-1948The Pacific Oceanic Fishery Investigation-
Jul-1971The Pacific Species of the Clinid Fish Tribe StarksiiniRosenblatt, Richard H.; Taylor, Leighton R Jr.
Jan-1951Pacific Symphytognathid SpidersMarples, B.J.
Jan-1994Palaeo-lake and Swamp Stratigraphic Records of Holocene Vegetation and Sea-level Changes, Mangaia, Cook IslandsEllison, Joanna C.
Apr-1973Palauan Fish NamesHelfman, Gene S.; Randall, John E.
Jul-1965The Paleomagnetic Significance of Aeromagnetic Surveys of the Hawaiian IslandsMalahoff, Alexander; Strange, William E.
Oct-1969Paleontological Analyses of North Pacific Ocean-Bottom CoresThomas, Charles W.
Oct-1961Pandanus pistillaris in the Caroline Islands: An Example of Long-Range Oceanic DispersalStone, Benjamin C.
Jan-2010Pantala flavescens (Insecta: Odonata) Rides West Winds into Ngulu Atoll, Micronesia: Evidence of Seasonality and Wind-Assisted Dispersal.Buden, Donald W.
Oct-1966Paper Electrophoresis Patterns of Sera from Seven Genera of Decapod CrustaceansHughes, Lawrence D.; Winkler, Lindsay R.
Jul-1970Paradiscogaster eniwetokensis n. sp. (Fellodistomidae: Trematoda) from Eniwetok, Marshall IslandsMartin, W.E.; Hammerich, Brian
Oct-1973Paralytic Shellfish Poison in Various Bivalves, Port Moresby, 1973Maclean, J.L.
Jan-1975Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning in Papua New Guinea, 1972Worth, G.K.; Maclean, J.L.; Price, M.J.
Jul-1955Paranesippus incisus n. gen., n. sp., a New Parasitic Copepod of the Family PandaridaeShiino, Sueo M.
Apr-1947Parasites and Parasitic Diseases of Domestic Animals in the Hawaiian IslandsAlicata, Joseph E.
Jan-1983Parasites of Kalij Pheasants (Lophura leucomelana) on the Island of HawaiiLewin, Victor; Mahrt, Jerome L.