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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1966Land Snails of Ulithi Atoll, Caroline Islands: A Study of Snails Accidentally Distributed by ManHarry, Harold W.
Oct-1975Lapita Pottery and a Lower Sea Level in Western SamoaGreen, R.C.; Richards, Horace G.
Apr-1995Larvae of Nearshore Fishes in Oceanic Waters of the Central Equatorial PacificClarke, Thomas A.
Apr-1980Larvae of the Ophichthid Eel Genus Neenchelys in the Indo-PacificCastle, PHJ
Apr-1982Larval Ascaridoid Nematodes from Fishes near the Hawaiian Islands, with Comments on Pathgenicity ExperimentsDeardorff, Thomas L.; Kliks, Michael M.; Rosenfeld, Mitchel E.; Rychlinski, Robert A.; Desowitz, Robert S.
Oct-1997Larval Characteristics and Generic Placement of Endemic Hawaiian Hemerobiids (Neuroptera)Tauber, Catherine A.; Krakauer, Alan H.
Apr-1967The Larval Development of the Crab, Cyclograpsus cinereus Dana, under Laboratory ConditionsCostlow, John D Jr.; Fagetti, Elda
Jan-1967The Larval Development of the Sand Crab Emerita rathbunae Schmitt (Decapoda, Hippidae)Knight, Margaret D.
Apr-2000Larval Feeding of Scomber japonicus (Pisces: Scombridae) in the Gulf of California and Its Relation to Temperature and Chlorophyll Satellite DataSanchez-Velasco, Laura; Shirasago, Bernardo
Jan-1981Larval Growth and Metamorphosis of Conus (Castropoda: Toxoglossa) in HawaiiPerron, Frank E.
Jan-1967Late Cenozoic Ostracodes from the Drowned Terraces in the Hawaiian IslandsHolden, John C.
Apr-1994The Later Publications of Harold St. JohnCarr, Gerald D.
Apr-1995Latitudinal Differences between Palau and Yap in Coral Reproductive SynchronyKenyon, Jean C.
Jan-1999Latitudinal Differences in Thermal Tolerance among Microscopic Sporophytes of the Kelp Lessonia nigrescens (Phaeophyta: Laminariales)Martinez, Enrique A.
Jan-1948Laysan Albatross Nesting on Moku Manu Islet, off Oahu, T. H.Fisher, Harvey I.
Jan-1975Leachia pacifica (Cephalopoda, Teuthoidea): Spawning Habitat and Function of the Brachial PhotophoresYoung, Richard E.
Apr-1961Leaf and Air Temperature under Hawaii ConditionsNoffsinger, T.L.
Jul-2003The Liagoraceae (Rhodophyta: Nemaliales) of the Hawaiian Islands. 1: First Record of the Genus Gloiotrichus for Hawai'i and the Pacific OceanHuisman, John M.; Abbott, Isabella A.
Jul-1973Lichens from the Southern Alps, New Zealand II, Records from the Mt. Cook DistrictFineran, B.A.; Dodge, C.W.
Jul-1970Lichens from the Southern Alps, New Zealand: Records from Phipps Peak, The Two Thumbs, and the Tasman ValleyFineran, B.A.; Dodge, C.W.