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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2006Killer Whales in Hawaiian Waters: Information on Population Identity and Feeding HabitsBaird, Robin W.; McSweeney, Daniel J.; Bane, Christopher; Barlow, Jay; Salden, Dan R.; Antoine, La’Ren K.; LeDuc, Richard G.; Webster, Daniel L.
Jul-1991Kinetics of Dark Oxygen Uptake of Pocillopora damicornisNewton, P.A.; Atkinson, M.J.
Oct-1952The Kona Earthquake of August 21, 1951, and its AftershocksMacDonald, Gordon A.; Wentworth, Chester K.
Apr-1951The Krauss Collection of Australian Fruit Flies (Tephritidae-Diptera)Hardy, D.E.
Oct-1966Laboratory Formation and Characterization of Taranakite in a Hydrol Humic Latosol Soil from HawaiiLiu, Po L.; Sherman, G.D.; Swindale, L.D.
1987Laboratory Growth, Reproduction and Life Span of the Pacific Pygmy Octopus, Octopus diguetiDeRusha, Randal H.; Forsythe, John W.; Hanlon, Roger T.
Jan-2007Laboratory Observations of Reproduction in the Deep-Water Zoarcids Lycodes cortezianus and Lycodapus mandibularis (Teleostei: Zoarcidae).Ferry-Graham, Lara A.; Drazen, Jeffrey C.; Veronica Franklin
Oct-1980The Labrid Fish Genus Pseudolabrus from Islands of the Southeastern Pacific, with Description of a New Species from RapaRussell, Barry C.; Randall, John E.
Jul-1968Lamellate Structures in the Nucleolus of the Cellular Slime mold Acrasis roseaHohl, Hans R.; Hamamoto, Susan T.
Jul-1993Lana'i A Case Study: The Loss of Biodiversity on a Small Hawaiian IslandHobdy, Robert
Jan-1999Lana'i Island's Arid Lowland Vegetation in Late PrehistoryAllen, Melinda S.; Murakami, Gail M.
Jan-1960Land Crabs and Fission Products at Eniwetok AtollHeld, Edward E.
Jan-1996Land Misuse and Hydrologic Response: Kaho'olawe, Hawai'iLoague, Keith; Lloyd, D'Artagnan; Giambelluca, Thomas W.; Ngyuen, Anh; Sakata, Burt
Jul-1955The Land Mollusca of Nissan Island, Solomon IslandsDell, R.K.
Oct-1955The Land Mollusca of the Treasury Islands, Solomon IslandsDell, R.K.
Apr-1983The Land Nemertine Argonemertes Dendyi (Dakin) in Hawaii (Nemertinea: Hoplonemertinea: Prosorhochmidae)Howarth, Francis G.; Moore, Janet
Apr-1998Land Snail Extinctions at Kalaeloa, O'ahuDye, T.S.; Tuggle, H.D.
Jul-2004Land Snail Fauna of Me Aure Cave (WMD007), Moindou, New Caledonia: Human Introductions and Faunal ChangeCowie, Robert H.; Grant-Mackie, J.A.
Jan-1978Land Snails from Mothe, Lakemba, and Karoni Islands, Lau Archipelago, FijiSolem, Alan
Apr-2002The Land Snails of a Small Tropical Pacific Island Aunu'u, American SamoaCowie, Robert H.; Rundell, Rebecca J.