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  • Krushelnycky, Paul D.; Reimer, Neil J. (Cooperative National Park Resources Studies Unit, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Department of Botany, 1996-12)
    The Argentine ant, Linepithema humile (Mayr), has proven to be a threat to native arthropod species in Haleakala National Park, and is also a potential threat to the park's native flora. As it continues to expand its range, ...
  • Krushelnycky, Paul; Haines, William; Loope, Lloyd; Van Gelder, Ellen (Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2011-06)
    1. The Haleakala Argentine Ant Project is an ongoing effort to study the ecology of the invasive Argentine ant in the park, and if possible to develop a strategy to control this destructive species. 2. Past research has ...

Now showing items 1-2 of 2


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