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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1994Fire effects in the coastal lowlands: Hawai'i Volcanoes National ParkTunison, J.T.; Leialoha, J.A.K.; Loh, R.L.; Pratt, L.W.; Higashino, P.K.
Dec-1995Fire effects in the submontane seasonal zone, Hawai'i Volcanoes National ParkTunison, J.T.; Loh, R.L.; Leialoha, J.A.K.
Nov-2006Fire, erosion, and sedimentation in the Asan-Piti watershed and War in the Pacific NHP, GuamMinton, Dwayne
1-Apr-1974First progress report: initiation of the work of the unitDoty, M.S.
Jun-1998Flowering plants and gymnosperms of Haleakala National ParkMedeiros, A.C.; Loope, L.L.; Chimera, C.G.
Jul-2007Forest bird and non-native mammal inventories at Ka´āpahu, Haleakalā National Park, Maui, Hawai´iNatividad Bailey, Cathleen
Apr-2008Forest bird inventory Kalaupapa National Historical ParkMarshall, Susan; Kozar, Kelly
May-2007Forest bird inventory of the Kahuku unit of Hawai`i Volcanoes National ParkTweed, Erik; Gorresen, P Marcos; Camp, Richard J.; Hart, Patrick J.; Pratt, Thane K.
Apr-1994Fountain grass control in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park 1985-1992Tunison, J Timothy; Zimmer, Nicolas G.; Gates, Michael R.; Mattos, Robert M.
Nov-1983Glyphosate in the control of kikuyugrass, and its effects on associated native and nonnative plants in Hawaiian National ParksGardner, Donald E.; Kageler, V Anne Dina
Dec-1997Habitat use by fish ('o'opu), snails (hihiwai), shrimp ('opae) and prawns in two streams on the island of Moloka'iBrasher, Anne M.
Jun-2011The Haleakala Argentine ant project: a synthesis of past research and prospects for the futureKrushelnycky, Paul; Haines, William; Loope, Lloyd; Van Gelder, Ellen
Apr-1979Haleakala National Park Crater District resources basic inventory: 1976-77Stemmermann, L.; Smith, Clifford W.; Hoe, W.J.
Jul-1979Haleakala National Park Crater District Resources Basic Inventory: BirdsConant, Sheila; Stemmermann, Maile
Jul-1981Haleakala National Park Crater District resources basic inventory: conifers and flowering plantsStemmermann, L.; Higashino, P.K.; Smith, C.W.
Jul-1981Haleakala National Park Crater District resources basic inventory: ferns and fern alliesHerat, Tissa; Higashino, Paul K.; Smith, Clifford W.
Jul-1980Haleakala National Park Crater District resources basic inventory: insectsBeardsley, John
1975Haleakala National Park resources basic inventory, 1975: narrative reportBerger, Andrew J.; Beardsley, John; Burkhart, Robert; Higashino, Paul; Hoe, William J.; Smith, Clifford W.; Smith, H Eddie
Jun-1979Haleakala National Park resources basic inventory: mossesHoe, William J.
Dec-2005Hawaii's Statewide Aquatic Wildlife Conservation StrategyMeadows, Dwayne; Kane, Austin L.; Mitchell, Christen; Ogura, Christine