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Basic Library Research Handbook

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Item Summary

Title: Basic Library Research Handbook
Authors: Christensen, Ross
Kwok, Theodore
Keywords: reference
Issue Date: Jun 2007
Publisher: Hamilton Library, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Abstract: An introduction to library research, the Handbook exposes
students to the concepts and skills necessary to find information using the appropriate tools. It is self-paced and intended to be a resource that students can turn to for library research methods.
Description: This item is composed of several files: A Title and Preface, Table of Contents,Introduction, Chapter 1: Getting Started, Chapter 2: Exploring the library, Chapter 3: Planning your research, Chapter 4: Finding books, Chapter 5, Finding articles, Chapter 6: Finding other resources, Chapter 7: Evaluating information, Chapter 8: Documenting and citing sources, Library of Congress Classification, How to Read Call Numbers, Glossary, and Bibliography
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