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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29 Jun 2015State of Hawai'i vs. Kelii W. Ioane, Jr. - Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Motion to Take Judicial Notice of Statutes of the United States: Section Two of the Admission Act 73 Stat 4 and Section Two of the Organic Act 31 Stat 141 and Article XV Section 1 of the Hawaii State ConstitutionChang, Williamson B.C.
2014Loss and DamageBurkett, Maxine A.
2010A Universalist History of The 1987 Philippine Constitution (II)Desierto, Diane A.
11 Jun 2015Respecting the Host Culture: Why Are Guests' Values More ImportantChang, Williamson B.C.; Chang, Williamson B.C.
2013Reparations Theory and Practice Then and Now: Mau Mau Redress Litigation and the British High CourtYamamoto, Eric K.; Serrano, Susan K.
May 2015Curing the Infirmities of the Unconscionability DoctrineBeh, Hazel G.
2010Inclusive Education and Conflict Resolution: Building a Model to Implement Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities in The Asia PacificPetersen, Carole J.
2011Key Issues In Hawai'i Insurance Law Answered By the Moon CourtBeh, Hazel Glenn; Eyerly,Tred; Hiraoka, Keith; Olson,Peter; Tanoue, Michael; Van Etten, Alan
2010Misclassifying the Insurance Policy: The Unforced Errors of Unilateral Contract CharacterizationBeh, Hazel Glenn; Stempel, Jeffrey W.
2011Sex Offender Registration and the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Legal and Policy Implications of Registering Juvenile Sex OffendersPetersen, Carole J.; Chandler, Susan M.