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2006Prioritization and Conservation of Himalayan Medicinal Plants: Angelica glauca Edgew. as a Case StudyBisht, Anil Kumar; Bhatt, Arvind; Rawal, R.S.; Dhar, Uppeandra
2006Evaluating Two Quantitative Ethnobotanical TechniquesAlbuquerque, Ulysses P.; Lucena, Reinaldo F.P.; Monteiro, Júlio M.; Florentino, Alissandra T.N.; Almeida, Cecília de Fátima C.B.R.
2006Biocultural Diversity of the Endemic ‘Wild Jack Tree’ on the Malabar Coast of South IndiaMathew, Sam P.; Mohandas, A.; Shareef, S.M.; Nair, G.M.
2006Expecting the Unexpected: Safety Considerations for Ethnobotany Field ResearchBridges, K.W.; McClatchey, Will
2006Improving the Quality of International Ethnobotany Research and PublicationsMcClatchey, Will
2006Insertions and Deletions: Evolution in the Assemblage of Vietnamese Food PlantsNguyen, My Lien Thi
2006Conservation Status of Maianthemum Species in the Hengduan Mountains: A Case Study Analyzing the Impact of New Policies on Wild Collected Plant SpeciesYing, Meng; Yongping, Yang; Weckerle, Caroline S.
2006Naming Consistency for Forest Plants in Some Rural Communities of Northeast ThailandWester, Lyndon; Yongvanit, Sekson
2006Ethnobotanical Study of Rice Growing Process in Northeastern ThailandMokkamul, Piya
2006Ethnobotany of the genus Piper (Piperaceae) in ThailandChaveerach, Arunrat; Mokkamul, Piya; Sudmoon, Runglawan; Tanee, Tawatchai
2006When Inter-ethnic Botanical Borrowing Does Not Rely on Obvious Efficacy: Some Questions from Western AmazoniaLenaerts, Marc
2006Bamboo Paper Production and Religious Use by the Lanten Yao in Northern Lao PDRDelang, Claudio O.
2006Rite of PassageMaroney, Gabriel Quinn
2006Questionnaires Do Not Work! A Comparison of Methods Used to Evaluate the Structure of Buildings and Wood Used in Rural Households, South AfricaGaugris, J.Y.; van Rooyen, M.W.
2006A Survey of Traditional Health Remedies Used by the Maasai of Southern Kaijiado District, KenyaKiringe, John Warui
2006Diversity and Cultural Use of Enset (Enset ventricosum (Welw.) Cheesman) in Bonga in situ Conservation Site, EthiopiaTsehaye, Yemane; Kebebew, Fassil
2006Ure (Colocasia esculenta-Araceae): An Edible Aroid of the WaraoGomez-Beloz, Alfredo; Rivero, Tirzo
2006Traditional Thai Medicines Inhibit Helicobacter pylori in vitro and in vivo: Support for Ethnomedical UseMahady, Gail B.; Bhamarapravati, Sutatip; Adeniyi, Bolanle A.; Doyle, Brian; Locklear, Tracie; Slover, Christine; Pendland, Susan L.
2006Evolving Concepts Related to Achieving Benefit Sharing for Custodians of Traditional KnowledgeElvin-Lewis, Memory
2006The Skill Acquisition Process Relative to Ethnobotanical MethodsLau, Y. Han; Bridges, K.W.