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Feeding Behavior of a Vertically Migrating Lanternfish

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Title: Feeding Behavior of a Vertically Migrating Lanternfish
Authors: Holton, Arthur A.
Issue Date: Jul 1969
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Holton AA. 1969. Feeding behavior of a vertically migrating lanternfish. Pac Sci 23(3): 325-331.
Abstract: Selective fishing of the deep scattering layer, defined by echosounder
recordings, with an automatic opening and closing trawl has helped to define the
diurnal vertical migration and feeding behavior of Lampanyctus mexicanus, a
lanternfish of the family Myctophidae. The feeding behavior, expressed as a per
cent nutrition, is thought to be affected by food available at the surface and by the
decrease of oxygen content of the water at the deepest range of the vertical migration
of the fish.
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 23, Number 3, 1969

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