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Jun-1968The Associates of Four Species of Marine Sponges of Oregon and WashingtonLong, Edward R.
Jul-1968A Geological and Ecological Reconnaissance off Western Oahu, Hawaii, Principally by Means of the Research Submarine "Asherah"Brock, Vernon E.; Chamberlain, Theodore C.
Jul-1968Host Specificity, Settling, and Metamorphosis of the Two-tentacled Hydroid Proboscidactyla flavicirrataCampbell, Richard D.
Jul-1968Lamellate Structures in the Nucleolus of the Cellular Slime mold Acrasis roseaHohl, Hans R.; Hamamoto, Susan T.
Jul-1968Calanoid Copepods from Midwater Trawl Collections Made in the Southeastern Pacific OceanGrice, George D.; Hulsemann, Kuni
Jul-1968Baker's Law and Dioecism in the Hawaiian Flora: An Apparent ContradictionGilmartin, Amy J.
Jul-1968Gulls in the Central PacificSibley, Fred C.; McFarlane, Robert W.
Jul-1968Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 28. The Australian Species Published by Robert BrownSt. John, Harold
Jul-1968A New Polyclad Turbellarian Associating with a Hermit Crab in the Hawaiian IslandsPrudhoe, Stephen
Jul-1968Characterization and Physiological Activity of Some Kawa ConstituentsHansel, R.
Jul-1968Note. Theophrastaceae, a Family Wrongly Attributed to the Hawaiian FloraStone, Benjamin C.
Jul-196822:3 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jul-1968Two New Calycophorae, SiphonophoraeAlvarino, Angeles
Jul-1968Ecological Factors on Manana Island, HawaiiTomich, P.Q.; Wilson, Nixon; Lamoureux, Charles H.
Jul-1968Studies on the Internal Defense Mechanisms of Sponges: I. The Cell Types Occurring in the Mesoglea of Terpios zeteki (de Laubenfels) (Porifera: Demospongiae)Cheng, Thomas C.; Yee, Herbert W.F.; Rifkin, Erik
Jul-1968The Determination of a Series of Ages of Hawaiian Volcanoes by the Potassium-Argon Method!Funkhouser, John G.; Barnes, I.L.; Naughton, John J.
Jul-1968Cyrtandra megistocalyx (Gesneriaceae), a New Species from Oahu, Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian Plant Studies 28St. John, Harold