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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1968The Determination of a Series of Ages of Hawaiian Volcanoes by the Potassium-Argon Method!Funkhouser, John G.; Barnes, I.L.; Naughton, John J.
Oct-1968The Distribution and Biogeography of Zostera marina (Eelgrass) in AlaskaMcRoy, C Peter
Jan-1968Distribution of Epifaunal Biomass on a Sublittoral Rock-ReefPequegnat, Willis E.
Jul-1968Ecological Factors on Manana Island, HawaiiTomich, P.Q.; Wilson, Nixon; Lamoureux, Charles H.
Oct-1968The Ecology of the Replacement of Pseudosquilla ciliata (Fabricius) by Gonodactylus falcatus (Forskal) (Curstacea; Stomatopoda) Recently Introduced into the Hawaiian IslandsKinzie, Robert A. III
Oct-1968Egg Pouches and Other Reproductive Structures in Pelagic ChaetognathaAlvarino, Angeles
Apr-1968The Folliculinids (Protozoa) of Ago Bay, Japan, and Their Relation to the Epifauna of the Pearl Oyster (Pinctada martensii)Matthews, Donald C.
Jul-1968A Geological and Ecological Reconnaissance off Western Oahu, Hawaii, Principally by Means of the Research Submarine "Asherah"Brock, Vernon E.; Chamberlain, Theodore C.
Oct-1968The Geology of the Manu'a Islands, SamoaStice, Gary D.; McCoy, Floyd W Jr.
Jul-1968Gulls in the Central PacificSibley, Fred C.; McFarlane, Robert W.
Jul-1968Host Specificity, Settling, and Metamorphosis of the Two-tentacled Hydroid Proboscidactyla flavicirrataCampbell, Richard D.
Jul-1968Lamellate Structures in the Nucleolus of the Cellular Slime mold Acrasis roseaHohl, Hans R.; Hamamoto, Susan T.
Apr-1968The Littoral Sand Budget, Hawaiian IslandsChamberlain, Theodore
Apr-1968Marine Benthic Algae from Howland Island and Baker Island, Central PacificTsuda, Roy T.; Trono, Gavino Jr.
Jul-1968A New Polyclad Turbellarian Associating with a Hermit Crab in the Hawaiian IslandsPrudhoe, Stephen
Oct-1968New Records of Thirteen Cottoid and Blennioid Fishes for Southeastern AlaskaQuast, Jay C.
Jul-1968Note. Theophrastaceae, a Family Wrongly Attributed to the Hawaiian FloraStone, Benjamin C.
Apr-1968Notes on Indo-Pacific Scleractinian Corals, Parts 5 and 6Wells, John W.
Apr-1968Notes on the Distribution of Wood-Boring Teredines In the Tropical Indo-PacificSrinivasan, V.V.
Jan-1968Notes. A Eurasian Alga in AlaskaMcRoy, C.P.