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Jul-197125:3 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jul-1971Breeding in an Oceanic Population of Pleuroncodes planipes (Crustacea, Galatheidae)Longhurst, Alan R.; Seibert, Don L.
Jul-1971Ecology and Taxonomy of an Epizooic DiatomRussell, Dennis J.; Norris, Richard E.
Jul-1971Helminths from the Exotic Game Birds of the Puuwaawaa Ranch, HawaiiLewin, V.; Holmes, J.C.
Jul-1971Megalobrachium poeyi (Crustacea, Decapoda, Porcellanidae): Comparison between Larval Development in Atlantic and Pacific Specimens Reared in the LaboratoryGore, Robert H.
Jul-1971The Natantian Shrimps (Crustacea, Decapoda) Associated with Invertebrates in HawaiiCastro, Peter
Jul-1971Notes on Indo-Pacific Scleractinian Corals. Part 7 Catalaphyllia, a New Genus of Reef CoralsWells, John W.
Jul-1971On Some Ceramiaceae (Rhodophyta) from CaliforniaAbbott, Isabella A.
Jul-1971The Origin of Manganese Nodules: A Combined Theory with Special Reference to PalagonitizationMorgenstein, Maury; Felsher, Murray
Jul-1971The Pacific Species of the Clinid Fish Tribe StarksiiniRosenblatt, Richard H.; Taylor, Leighton R Jr.
Jul-1971Predation by the Nudibranch Dirona albolineata on Three Species of ProsobranchsRobilliard, Gordon A.
Jul-1971A Remarkable New Amphipod Genus (Crustacea, Gammaridae) from Eniwetok Atoll LagoonCroker, Robert A.
Jul-1971Soil Sequences of Western SamoaSchroth, C.L.
Jul-1971A Study of the Growth Morphologies of Two Deep-Sea Manganese MeganodulesMorgenstein, Maury
Jul-1971Substrate Selection in Caprellid Amphipods of Southern California, with Emphasis on Caprella californica Stimpson and Caprella equilibra Say (Amphipoda)Keith, Donald E.
Jul-1971The Vascular Plants of the Horne and Wallis IslandsSt. John, Harold; Smith, Albert C.