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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1993WRRC Special/Project Reports List (12/27/93)-
Mar-1990WRRCSR No. 03.02.90 Assessment of the Potential for Groundwater Contamination Due to Proposed Urban Development in the Vicinity of the U.S. Navy Waiawa Shaft, Pearl Harbor, HawaiiOki, Delwyn S.; Miyahira, Robert N.; Green, Richard E.; Giambelluca, Thomas W.; Lau, L. Stephen; Mink, John F.; Schneider, Randi C.; Little, David N.
Jul-1987WRRCSR No. 07:21:87 Aquifer Recharge by Irrigation with Primary Effluent: Field Experiments with California Grass and SugarcaneLau, L. Stephen
Jan-1983WRRCSR No. 1.10:83 Decontamination of Chromium-Contaminated Soil and Water: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Peart Harbor, Hawai'i, Phase 2Dugan, Gordon L.; Gee, Henry K.; Lau, L. Stephen
Jan-1982WRRCSR No. 1.29:82 The Significance of the Bactericidal Effect of Sunlight on Indicator and Pathogenic Bacteria in Marine Waters on Measurements and Interpretations of Water QualityFujioka, Roger S.
Mar-1984WRRCSR No. 3.12:84 Rotating Biological Contactor for Brackish Wastewater Effluent TreatmentDugan, Gordon L.
May-1983WRRCSR No. 5.25:83 Haina Well Water Analysis for Presence of Human Enteric Viruses and Other Water Quality Paramenters, Island of Hawai'iFujioka, Roger S.; Lau, L. Stephen
Dec-1985WRRCSR No. 7.0:85 Subsurface Water Quality Organic Chemical Contamination of O'ahu groundwaterLau, L. Stephen
Nov-1985WRRCSR No. 7.1:85 Desorption and Leachability of Residual DBCP and EDB from Soils and SaproliteGreen, Richard E.; Peterson, Frank L.; Buxton, Donna S.
Nov-1985WRRCSR No. 7.2:85 Exploratory Study Using Water Disinfectants to Remove EDB from Clean WaterFujioka, Roger S.; Narikawa, Owen T.; Yoneyama, Bunnie S.
Nov-1985WRRCSR No. 7.3:85 Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Contaminated Basal Water in Southern and Central O'ahu AquifersOki, Delwyn S.; Giambelluca, Thomas W.
Nov-1985WRRCSR No. 7.4:85 Deep Percolation of Water from Pineapple FieldsGiambelluca, Thomas W.; Oki, Delwyn S.
Nov-1985WRRCSR No. 7.5:85 Drilling Program and Pesticide Analysis of Core Samples from Pineapple Fields in Central O'ahuPeterson, Frank L.; Green, Kim R.; Green, Richard E.; Ogata, Janice N.
Jul-1985WRRCSR No. 7:85 Subsurface Water and Soil Quality Data Base for State of Hawai'i, Part 1Oki, Delwyn S.; Giambelluca, Thomas W.
Jul-1995WRRCSR No. 96-01 Assessment of Groundwater Models: 1994-
Aug-1997WRRCSR No. 97-02 Technologies and Strategies Used in Okinawa: Third Symposium on Hawiai/Okinawa Water Resources-
Sep-1986WRRCSR No. 9:19:86 Rotating Biological Contactor Pilot Study: Fort Kamehameha Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pearl Harbor, HawaiiDugan, Gordon L.; Takiguchi, Dean K.
Sep-1983WRRCSR No. 9:23:83 Rainfall Frequency Study for Oahu: Option 1--Preparation of Rainfall Frequency MapsGiambelluca, Thomas W.; Lau, L. Stephen; Fok, Yu-Si; Schroeder, Thomas A.
Apr-1992WRRCSR No.01:31:92 Wellhead Protection Methodology for HawaiiOki, Delwyn S.; Lau, L. Stephen; Mink, John F.
Mar-1983WRRCSR No.03:30:83 Haina Well Water Analysis for Presence of Human Enteric Viruses and Other Water Quality Parameters, Island of Hawai'iFujioka, Roger S.; Lau, L. Stephen