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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Are Our Students Taxonomically Challenged or Not?Lau, Y. Han; McClatchey, Will C.; Reedy, David; Chock, Al Kealii; Bridges, K.W.; Ritchey, Zak
2009Banana (Musa spp.) Domestication in the Asia- Pacific Region: Linguistic and archaeobotanical perspectivesDonohue, Mark; Denham, Tim
2009Banana Cultivation in South Asia and East Asia: A review of the evidence from archaeology and linguisticsFuller, Dorian Q.; Madella, Marco
2009Bananas and People in the Homeland of Genus Musa: Not just pretty fruitKennedy, Jean
2009Bananas and Plantains in Africa: Re-interpreting the linguistic evidenceBlench, Roger
2009Becoming a Traditional Medicinal Plant Healer: Divergent Views of Practicing and Young Healers on Traditional Medicinal Plant Knowledge Skills in IndiaShukla, Shailesh; Sinclair, A John
2009Botany Segue: A Photo EssaySavo, Valentina; Lau, Y. Han; McClatchey, Will C.; Reedy, David; Chock, Al Kealii; Bridges, K.W.; Ritchey, Zak
2009Combining Biological Approaches to Shed Light on the Evolution of Edible BananasPerrier, Xavier; Bakry, Frederic; Carreel, Francoise; Jenny, Christophe; Horry, Jean-Pierre; Lebot, Vincent; Hippolyte, Isabelle
2009Differentiating the Volcaniform Phytoliths of Bananas: Musa acuminataVrydaghs, L.; Ball, T.; Volkaert, H.; van den Houwe, I.; Manwaring, J.; De Langhe, E.
2009Early Bananas in Africa: The state of the artNeumann, Katharina; Hildebrand, Elisabeth
2009Ethnobotany of the Genus Artemisia L. (Asteraceae) in PakistanHayat, Muhammad Qasim; Khan, Mir Ajab; Ashraf, Muhammad; Jabeen, Shazia
2009Going Bananas in Papua New Guinea: A preliminary study of starch granule morphotypes in Musaceae fruitLentfer, Carol J.
2009Impressions of Banana Pseudostem in Iron Slag from Eastern AfricaIles, Louise
2009Indigenous Use and Ethnopharmacology of Medicinal Plants in Far-west NepalKunwar, Ripu M.; Uprety, Y.; Burlakoti, C.; Chowdhary, C.L.; Bussmann, R.W.
2009Kam Guilzhouh nyim Guangxxih di Benxtux Wenchual nyim Zihyuanc dih GonxliixEisenberg, Amy; Amato, John; Dengtao
2009Primroses versus Spruces: Cultural differences between flora depicted in British and Polish children’s booksLuczaj, Lukasz
2009Quantitative Ethnobotany or Quantification in Ethnobotany?de Albuquerque, Ulysses Paulino
2009Relevance of Banana Seeds in ArchaeologyDe Langhe, Edmond
2009“Segues” in Botanica: una documentazione fotograficaSavo,Valentina; Lau, Y. Han; McClatchey, Will C.; Reedy, David; Chock, Al Kealii; Bridges, K.W.; Ritchey, Zak
2009Special Issue: History of Banana DomesticationDenham, Tim; De Langhe, Edmond; Vrydaghs, Luc