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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Kam Guilzhouh nyim Guangxxih di Benxtux Wenchual nyim Zihyuanc dih GonxliixEisenberg, Amy; Amato, John; Dengtao
2009Combining Biological Approaches to Shed Light on the Evolution of Edible BananasPerrier, Xavier; Bakry, Frederic; Carreel, Francoise; Jenny, Christophe; Horry, Jean-Pierre; Lebot, Vincent; Hippolyte, Isabelle
2009Bananas and Plantains in Africa: Re-interpreting the linguistic evidenceBlench, Roger
2009Becoming a Traditional Medicinal Plant Healer: Divergent Views of Practicing and Young Healers on Traditional Medicinal Plant Knowledge Skills in IndiaShukla, Shailesh; Sinclair, A John
2009Banana (Musa spp.) Domestication in the Asia- Pacific Region: Linguistic and archaeobotanical perspectivesDonohue, Mark; Denham, Tim
2009Quantitative Ethnobotany or Quantification in Ethnobotany?de Albuquerque, Ulysses Paulino
2009Early Bananas in Africa: The state of the artNeumann, Katharina; Hildebrand, Elisabeth
2009Relevance of Banana Seeds in ArchaeologyDe Langhe, Edmond
2009Uses of Local Plant Species by Agropastoralists in South-western NigerAyantunde, Augustine Abioye; Hiernaux, Pierre; Briejer, Mirjam; Udo, Henk; Tabo, Ramadijta
2009Impressions of Banana Pseudostem in Iron Slag from Eastern AfricaIles, Louise
2009Differentiating the Volcaniform Phytoliths of Bananas: Musa acuminataVrydaghs, L.; Ball, T.; Volkaert, H.; van den Houwe, I.; Manwaring, J.; De Langhe, E.
2009Special Issue: History of Banana DomesticationDenham, Tim; De Langhe, Edmond; Vrydaghs, Luc
2009Ethnobotany of the Genus Artemisia L. (Asteraceae) in PakistanHayat, Muhammad Qasim; Khan, Mir Ajab; Ashraf, Muhammad; Jabeen, Shazia
2009Bananas and People in the Homeland of Genus Musa: Not just pretty fruitKennedy, Jean
2009Why Bananas Matter: An introduction to the history of banana domesticationDe Langhe, Edmond; Vrydaghs, Luc; de Maret, Pierre; Perrier, Xavier; Denham, Tim
2009Primroses versus Spruces: Cultural differences between flora depicted in British and Polish children’s booksLuczaj, Lukasz
2009Tracing Domestication and Cultivation of Bananas from Phytoliths: An update from Papua New GuineaLentfer, Carol J.
2009Banana Cultivation in South Asia and East Asia: A review of the evidence from archaeology and linguisticsFuller, Dorian Q.; Madella, Marco
2009Are Our Students Taxonomically Challenged or Not?Lau, Y. Han; McClatchey, Will C.; Reedy, David; Chock, Al Kealii; Bridges, K.W.; Ritchey, Zak
2009Going Bananas in Papua New Guinea: A preliminary study of starch granule morphotypes in Musaceae fruitLentfer, Carol J.