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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Dec-21722Gaming in LibrariesAjifu, Sara
17-May-2011Human to Human DesignChhetri, Rashmi
17-May-2011ICS 616 - Information Architecture and Web Design, Spring 2011 - Special Topic: JoomlaHiguchi, Guy
2015Ink and Echoes: Development of Tibetan Youth Identity through Reading and Storytelling in Dharamsala Schools and Libraries.Des Dannenbring
2015Kupuna Meditation in the HSPLS: Benefits of introducing mindful relaxation programs for senior citizensMcCullough, Nicolette
2015LGBTQ Representation in Hawaii LibrariesBrulatour, Annie
2015Libraries for Lāhui ʻŌiwi: The value of libraries for strengthening the capacities and protection of Native Indigenous Peoples and CulturesHolt, Gabrielle; Niheu, Kealiʻikauila
2015Literacy FairPukahi, Ruth
2015Makerspacing it Happen: If You Build It, They Will ComeFairchild, Wrayna
2010Mapping the Pediatric Literature: Co-citations and Subject Term BibliometricsYoung, Jonathan
2010Mauna Kea: Hawai‘i’s White Mountain, A Guide to Resources About the Mauna Kea Observatories at University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa’s Hamilton & Sinclair LibrariesAnip, Erenst; Shitanishi, Sandy
2014Micronesian Immigrants in Hawaiʻi: How Can Hawaiʻi State Public Libraries Advocate Resources & Social Services to Immigrants?Teoli, Elizabeth
2010Myths, Legends, and Tall Tales: Graphic Novels: A PathfinderWalsh, Sarah
11-Jan-2012New York Public Library Digital Gallery ReviewDeSure, Pearl
2010Open Access Development Projects: A Structure for the Israeli Journal of Aquaculture (IJA)Yamamoto, Yoko
2015Optimizing Access in Hawai’i Public School LibrariesBarr, Angela
13-May-2011Personal Information ManagementConnell, Andrea
2010Preserving Digital MaterialsShim, Kapena
2010Serving “Low-Status” Populations? A Consideration of Christine Pawley’s Argument for Social Theory Education in LISBrown, Matt
25-Feb-48568Special Topic: Federated SearchingKanehiro, Everett