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  • Pager, D. (2009-06-01)
    The paper considers circumstances in which it is advantageous to resolve reduce-reduce conflicts at compile time, rather than at compiler-construction time. The application considered is that of translating English to one ...
  • Stillwell, M.; Schanzenbach, D.; Casanova, H. (2008-09-01)
    In this report we demonstrate the utility of resource allocations that use virtual machine technology for sharing parallel computing resources among competing users. We formalize the resource allocation problem with a ...
  • Johnson, P. (2006-12-01)
    This report presents the results from a classroom evaluation of Hackystat by ICS 413 and ICS 613 students at the end of Fall, 2006. The students had used Hackystat-UH for approximately six weeks at the time of the evaluation. ...
  • Kanehiro, Everett (2009-12-17)
    This paper provides an overview of federated searching. It includes a basic definition, system selection criteria, a comparison of two federated search products (WebFeat and LibraryFind), and impressions from a user test ...
  • Wingstrom, J.; Casanova, H. (2007-11-01)
    Desktop grids are compute platforms that aggregate and harvest the idle CPU cycles of individually owned personal computers and workstations. A challenge for using these platforms is that the compute resources are volatile. ...
  • Kou, H. (2005-07-01)
    In this paper we propose a new streaming technique to study software development. As we observed software development consists of a series of activities such as edit, compilation, testing, debug and deployment etc. All ...
  • Chu, K.; Brewer, R.; Joseph, S. (2008-05-01)
    The automobile industry has produced many cars with new features over the past decade. Taking advantage of advances in technology, cars today have fuel-efficient hybrid engines, proximately sensors, windshield wipers that ...
  • Biagioni, Edoardo (, 2013)
    The hardware and low-level software in many mobile de- vices are capable of mobile-to-mobile communication, in- cluding ad-hoc mode for 802.11, Bluetooth, and cognitive radios. We have started to leverage this capability ...
  • Higuchi, Guy (2011-05-17)
    This usability test was conducted on the website Cheap Ass Gamer with one participant.
  • Chhetri, Rashmi (2011-05-17)
    The report presents the plan and evaluation of a usability test conducted on the main site of the Hawaii State Public Library (HSPLS).
  • Chhetri, Rashmi (2011-05-17)
    This report highlights the procedures conducted to perform a standard usability test on the Hawaii State Public Library website. The Usability testing was used to find how easy the website was to use and find information ...
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