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  • Motooka, Julie; Young, Jonathan (2011-01-02)
    This short paper explores one corpus-based approach—-Latent Semantic Indexing—-to medical cross-language information access.
  • Ung, Baohuy (2011-05-12)
    Cognitive science is an ambiguous subject. It is the amalgamation of different fields that span a large variety of disciplines, e.g. psychology, AI, neuroscience, philosophy, human-computer interaction. At its core, it is ...
  • Ung, Baohuy (2011-05-13)
    An implicit recommendation system for the APAN website is being designed as a term project by an ICS616 Information Architecture group. To make it accurate, users are required to enter in accurate profile information. As ...
  • Connell, Andrea (2011-05-13)
    Personal information management (PIM) involves storing, managing, and refinding resources. As individual users approach these steps, they encounter problems like information overload, information fragmentation, organization ...
  • Chhetri, Rashmi (2011-05-17)
    The report presents an idea of experience design in website development and how it is measured. The user experience on a website is a major part of creating a human to human design.
  • Higuchi, Guy (2011-05-17)
    Joomla is a free, open-source content management system that makes creating and maintaining a website easy. It does this through establishing a system that stores any data uploaded to it -- be it text, photos, music, ...
  • Higuchi, Guy (2011-05-17)
    This usability test was conducted on the website Cheap Ass Gamer with one participant.
  • Chhetri, Rashmi (2011-05-17)
    The report presents the plan and evaluation of a usability test conducted on the main site of the Hawaii State Public Library (HSPLS).
  • Chhetri, Rashmi (2011-05-17)
    This report highlights the procedures conducted to perform a standard usability test on the Hawaii State Public Library website. The Usability testing was used to find how easy the website was to use and find information ...
  • Gowanlock, Michael; Gazan, Rich (2012-01-01)
    In this study, we combine bibliometric techniques with a machine learning algorithm, the sequential Information Bottleneck, to assess the interdisciplinarity of research produced by the University of Hawaii NASA Astrobiology ...
  • DeSure, Pearl (2012-01-11)
  • Jackson, Kimberly (2014-02-28)
    The environmental climate of Hawai‘i offers specific challenges for the preservation and conservation of library and archival materials. This poster identifies those challenges, makes recommendations for prevention of ...
  • Stoker, Storm (2014-02-28)
    The purpose of this poster is to assist those who wish to use reliable methods to date early photographs. Most modern photographs are easier to date as digital photos often have associated metadata that includes the creation ...
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