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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1915The Chemical Constituents of Piper Methysticum; The Chemical Constituents of the Active Principle of the Ava RootBall, Alice
1929Survey of livestock in HawaiiHenke, L.A. (Louis Albert), 1889-1985
1961Dancing and Music - Notes from Guinaang, Bontoc, Mountain Province, PhilippinesReid, Lawrence A.
1961A Guinaang Wedding CeremonyReid, Lawrence A.
1962Differential EquationsBear, H.S. Jr.
1963Phonology of Central BontokReid, Lawrence A.
28-Mar-1963A City Drenched with LightHamilton, Thomas H. (Thomas Hale), 1914-1979
1964A Matrix Analysis of Bontoc Case-Marking ParticlesReid, Lawrence A.
1964The Use of Matrix Technique in an Analysis of Atta Personal PronounsLusted, Ruth; Whittle, Claudia; Reid, Lawrence A.
1965The democracy of excellence; a collection of addressesHamilton, Thomas H. (Thomas Hale), 1914-1979
18-May-1966On Understanding AsiaHamilton, Thomas H. (Thomas Hale), 1914-1979
1968On Redefining Transivity for Philippine LanguagesReid, Lawrence A.
1971Tense Sequence in Procedural DiscourseReid, Lawrence A.
1972Wards and Working Groups in Guinaang, Bontoc, LuzonReid, Lawrence A.
1972Some Comments on Bontoc EthnobotanyReid, Lawrence A.; Madulid, Domingo
1973Diachronic Typology of Philippine Vowel SystemsReid, Lawrence A.
1973Kankanay and the Problem *R and *l ReflexesReid, Lawrence A.
1974The Central Cordilleran Subgroup of Philippine LanguagesReid, Lawrence A.
1974Russian Writings on the South PacificPolansky, Patricia
1975Interpreters for the Defense: Due Process for the Non-English-Speaking DefendantChang, Williamson B.C.; Araujo, Manuel U.