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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2013Raining in the Mountain (Review)Wang, George Chun Han
2003The Range and Diversity of Vocalic Systems in Asian LanguagesReid, Lawrence A.
Apr-2013Reading King Hu: A Note on His Literary StyleWang, George Chun Han
2003Reading the Literatures of Hawai'i Under and "Americanist" RubricLyons, Paul
19-Sep-2013Recent global-warming hiatus tied to equatorial Pacific surface coolingKosaka, Yu; Xie, Shang-Ping
Aug-2014Recent Walker Circulation strengthening and Pacific cooling amplified by Atlantic warmingMcGregor, Shayne; Timmermann, Axel; Stuecker, Malte F.; England, Matthew H.; Merrifield, Mark; Jin, Fei-Fei; Chikamoto, Yoshimitsu
2009The Reconstruction of a Dual Pronoun to Proto Malayo-PolynesianReid, Lawrence A.
1980Rediscovering the Rooker Doctrine: Section 1983, Res Judicata and the Federal CourtsChang, Williamson B.C.
Jan-2010The relation of leptin and adiponectin with breast density among premenopausal women.Maskarinec, Gertraud; Woolcott, Christy; Steude, Jana S.; Franke, Adrian A.; Cooney, Robert V.
Apr-2008Religious Conflict among Hawaii Nikkei and How Japanese Entered the Public School Curriculum, 1896–1924Asato, Noriko
1992Report on the AAAI-91 workshop on comparative analysis of explanation planning architectures.Suthers, Daniel D.
1999Representational and Advisory Guidance for Learning: Alternate Roles for AI.Suthers, Daniel D.
2001Representational and Advisory Guidance for Students Learning Scientific Inquiry.Suthers, Daniel D.; Connelly, John; Lesgold, Alan M.; Paolucci, Massimo; Toth, Eva Erdosne; Toth, Joe; Weiner, Arlene
1999Representational Bias as Guidance for Learning Interactions: A Research Agenda.Suthers, Daniel D.
2006Representational effects in asynchronous collaboration: A research paradigm and initial analysis.Suthers, Daniel D.; Vatrapu, Ravi; Joseph, Samuel R.H.; Dwyer, N.; Medina, Richard
2003Representational guidance for collaborative inquiry.Suthers, Daniel D.
2003Representational Guidance for Collaborative Learning.Suthers, Daniel D.
2009Representational practices in VMT.Medina, Richard; Suthers, Daniel D.; Vatrapu, Ravi
1999Representational Support for Collaborative Inquiry.Suthers, Daniel D.
1998Representations for Scaffolding Collaborative Inquiry on Ill-Structured Problems.Suthers, Daniel D.