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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jul-2010I'll be the Virtual Judge of That: Does Second Life Really Level the Social Playing Field?Nahl, Diane
2012Identifying Mediators of Socio-Technical Capital in a Networked Learning Environment.Suthers, Daniel D.; Chu, Kar-Hai
2010Identifying mediators of socio-technical capital in a networked learning environment.Suthers, Daniel D.; Chu, Kar-Hai
Apr-2011il re della commedia di Taiwan: intervista con Kevin ChuWang, George Chun Han
2002"Ilocano Dictionary and Grammar: Ilocano-English, English-Ilocano by Carl Ralph Galvez": A ReviewReid, Lawrence A.
1976Iluko: The LanguageReid, Lawrence A.
3-May-2012Improving Discovery and Use of Your Digital Repository Materials – OCLC Digital Collection Gateway Webinar PresentationChantiny, Martha
1996In Praise of Addison Bowman: The Ideal of Equality in the American Tradition in the PacificChang, Williamson B.C.
2009Inclusory Constructions and Their Development in Philippine LanguagesReid, Lawrence A.
13-Oct-2010Indigenous Values and the Law of the SeaChang, Williamson B.C.
22-Jun-2014The Indonesian seas and their role in the coupled ocean–climate systemSprintall, Janet; Gordon, Arnold L.; Koch-Larrouy, Ariane; Lee, Tong; Potemra, James T.; Pujiana, Kandaga; Wijffels, Susan E.
2009Inflammatory markers in a 2-year soy intervention among premenopausal women.Maskarinec, Gertraud; Steude, Jana S.; Franke, Adrian A.; Cooney, Robert V.
2003The Influence of Knowledge Modeling on the Communication Process.Suthers, Daniel D.
2007Information sharing is incongruous with collaborative convergence: The case for interaction.Suthers, Daniel D.; Medina, Richard; Vatrapu, Ravi; Dwyer, Nathan
2002Inhibition of colonic aberrant crypt formation by the dietary flavonoids (+)-catechin and hesperidin.Franke, Adrian A.; Custer, Laurie J.; Cooney, Robert V.; Tanaka, Yuichiro; Xu, Meirong; Dashwood, Roderick H.
2000Initial Evidence for Representational Guidance of Learning Discourse.Suthers, Daniel D.
2009Inscriptions becoming representations.Medina, Richard; Suthers, Daniel D.; Vatrapu, Ravi
1997An Integrated Approach to Implementing Collaborative Inquiry in the Classroom.Suthers, Daniel D.; Toth, Eva Erdosne; Weiner, Arlene
2011Interaction, mediation, and ties: An analytic hierarchy for socio-technical systems.Suthers, Daniel D.
1984Internal reconstruction in pre-Japanese syntaxれいのるず秋葉, かつえ; Reynolds, Katsue A.