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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Nov-2013A 500-kiloton airburst over Chelyabinsk and an enhanced hazard from small impactorsBrown, P.G.; Assink, J.D.; Astiz, L.; Blaauw, R.; Boslough, M.B.; Borovicka, J.; Brachet, N.; Brown, D.; Campbell-Brown, M.; Ceranna, L.; Cooke, W.; de Groot-Hedlin, C.; Drob, D.P.; Edwards, W.; Evers, L.G.; Garces, M.; Gill, J.; Hedlin, M.; Kingery, A.; Laske, G.; Le Pichon, A.; Mialle, P.; Moser, D.E.; Saffer, A.; Silber, E.; Smets, P.; Spalding, R.E.; Spurný, P.; Tagliaferri, E.; Uren, D.; Weryk, R.J.; Whitaker, R.; Krzeminski, Z.
2007An abstract transcript notation for analyzing interactional construction of meaning in online learning.Suthers, Daniel D.; Dwyer, Nathan; Vatrapu, Ravi; Medina, Richard
6-Jul-2010Academic Librarians in Second Life: A Survey of Roles, Benefits & ChallengesNahl, Diane
2007An activity system analysis of a tripartite technology-supported partnership for school reform.Suthers, Daniel D.; Yukawa, Joyce; Harada, Violet H.
2009Adapting to the evolving vocabularies of learning communities.Joseph, Samuel R.H.; Yukawa, Joyce; Suthers, Daniel D.; Harada, Violet H.
6-Jul-2010Adopting Virtual Worlds in Libraries and Education: A Panel DiscussionNahl, Diane
1991The Alta Languages of the PhilippinesReid, Lawrence A.
2006Analysis of Meaning Making in Online Learning.Suthers, Daniel D.; Dwyer, Nathan; Medina, Richard; Vatrapu, Ravi
2011Analyzing collaborative learning in game-based scenarios.Sharritt, Matthew J.; Sharritt, Michel Ann; Suthers, Daniel D.
2007Another Look at the Marking of Plural Personal Noun Constructions in Austronesian LanguagesReid, Lawrence A.
1992Answering student queries: functionality and mechanisms.Suthers, Daniel D.
14-Oct-2009The Antikythera MechanismWynn-Williams, Gareth
2009"Aole Hoohui ia Hawaii": U.S. Collegiate Teams Debate Annexation of Hawai'i and Independence Prevails, 1893 to 1897Williams, Ronald Jr.
Oct-2012An Apology for Postcolonial ReasonLyons, Paul
2007An approach for coaching collaboration based on difference recognition and participation tracking.Constantino-Gonzales, M.A.; Suthers, Daniel D.
2008AP中文与电脑测试Yao, Tao-chung
1997An Architecture for Intelligent Collaborative Educational Systems.Suthers, Daniel D.; Jones, Dan
2001Architectures for Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.Suthers, Daniel D.
11-Aug-2010Are Girls Going Wild in the New Millennium? Facts and Myths about Girls' Aggression and ViolenceChesney-Lind, Meda
22-Feb-2012Argument Culture and Harmony Culture -- a study of phatic communication in Japaneseれいのるず秋葉, かつえ; Reynolds, Katsue A.