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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Bridging Socio-Technical Capital in an Online Learning Environment.Suthers, Daniel D.; Chu, Kar-Hai; Joseph, Samuel R.H.
2004A Brief Syntactic Typology of Philippine LanguagesReid, Lawrence A.; Liao, Hsiu-Chuan
Apr-2011Bringing Laughter in Changing Times: Taiwan's Comedy CinemaWang, George Chun Han
2008Bringing Representational Practice From Log to Light.Medina, Richard; Suthers, Daniel D.
2003BRIX - Elements for Language Course Creation.Sawatpanit, Manisa; Suthers, Daniel D.; Fleming, Stephen
2004BRIX: Meeting the requirements for online second language learning.Sawatpanit, Manisa; Suthers, Daniel D.; Fleming, Stephen
Apr-2011Brother Wang and Brother Liu on the Road in Taiwan - Parts 1 & 2 (Review)Wang, George Chun Han
2-May-2014Calling for Anti-Shogun Movement - Inventing Modern Self in Letter Writing -れいのるず秋葉, かつえ; Reynolds, Katsue A.
1974The Central Cordilleran Subgroup of Philippine LanguagesReid, Lawrence A.
1986Ch'iu Ch'u-chi and Chinggis KhanYao, Tao-chung
2009Challenging the Status-Quo: Drift, Direct Inheritance and ReconstructionReid, Lawrence A.
Jun-1915The Chemical Constituents of Piper Methysticum; The Chemical Constituents of the Active Principle of the Ava RootBall, Alice
Feb-2013Cheuk-woon Taam and the Chinese Collection at the University of Hawaii LibraryYao, Kuang-tien
1992Children's books and motherhood in Japanれいのるず秋葉, かつえ; Reynolds, Katsue A.
2-Dec-2010Chronicling America and the National Digital Newspaper Program: Technical AspectsChantiny, Martha
Aug-2014Chronicling America, National Digital Newspaper Program, HDNP: Technical AspectsChantiny, Martha
Sep-2014Chronicling America: Hawaii Digital Newspaper ProgramChantiny, Martha
28-Mar-1963A City Drenched with LightHamilton, Thomas H. (Thomas Hale), 1914-1979
2000A coached collaborative learning environment for entity-relationship modeling.Constantino-Gonzales, M.A.; Suthers, Daniel D.
2001Coaching Collaboration by Comparing Solutions and Tracking Participation.Constantino-Gonzales, M.A.; Suthers, Daniel D.