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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007The Application of Ethnobotanical Research to Working Forests in the TropicsLuzar, Jeffrey B.; Stepp, John R.
2007Applying Asset Mapping to Protected Area Planning and Management in the Cordillera Azul National Park, Perudel Campo, Hilary; Wali, Alaka
2007Artificae Plantae: The Taxonomy, Ecology, and Ethnobotany of the SimulacraceaeBletter, Nat; Reynertson, Kurt A.; Runk, Julie Velasquez
2007Blending Traditional and Western Medicine: Medicinal Plant Use Among Patients at Clinica Anticona in El Porvenir, PeruBussmann, R.W.; Sharon, D.; Lopez, A.
2007Could Captain John Smith’s Mattoume Have Been Wild Rice?LaRoche, Germain
2007Hard Wood Utilization in Buildings of Rural Households of the Manqakulane Community, Maputaland, South AfricaGaugris, J.Y.; van Rooyen, M.W.; Bothma, J. du P.; Van der Linde, M.J.
2007Observations on Natural Resource Use and Conservation by the Shuar in Ecuador’s Cordillera del CóndorDuchelle, Amy E.
2007The Political Ecology of a “Forest Transition”: Eucalyptus Forestry in the Southern Peruvian AndesLuzar, Jeffrey
2007Potential for Agroforestry Adoption in Southern Africa: A Comparative Study of Improved Fallow and Green Manure Adoption in Malawi, Zambia and ZimbabweThangata, P.H.; Mudhara, M.; Grier, C.; Hildebrand, P.E.
2007Purposive Sampling as a Tool for Informant SelectionTongco, Maria Dolores C.
2007Two EthnobotanistsMcClatchey, Will
2007Water Spinach (Ipomoea aquatica, Convolvulaceae): A Food Gone WildAustin, Daniel F.