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1995Eight million women have unmet need for family planning in Uttar PradeshDevi, D. Radha; Rastogi, Sita Ram; Retherford, Robert D.
Oct-1995Women in 13 states have little knowledge of AIDSLahiri, Subrata; Balk, Deborah; Pathak, K. B.
1996Fertility and contraceptive use in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Uttar PradeshRetherford, Robert D.; Ramesh, B.M.
1997Media exposure increases contraceptive useRetherford, Robert D.; Mishra, Vinod K.
1997Measuring the speed of India's fertility declineNarasimhan, R.L.
1997Cooking smoke increases the risk of acute respiratory infection in childrenMishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.
1997Is son preference slowing down India's transition to low fertility?Mutharayappa, R.
Jun-1997State-level variations in wanted and unwanted fertility provide a guide for India's family planning programmesKulkarni, Sumati; Choe, Minja Kim
1998Mass media can help improve treatment of childhood diarrhoeaRao, K.V.; Mishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.
1998Mother's tetanus immunisation is associated not only with lower neonatal mortality but also with lower early-childhood mortalityLuther, Norman Y.
1998Accelerating India's fertility decline : the role of temporary contraceptive methodsPathak, K.B.; Feeney, Griffith; Luther, Norman Y.
1999Cooking with biomass fuels increases the risk of blindnessMishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.; Smith, Kirk R.
1999Cooking with biomass fuels increases the risk of tuberculosisMishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.; Smith, Kirk R.
1999Identifying children with high mortality riskChoe, Minja Kim
2000Are the WHO/UNICEF guidelines on breastfeeding appropriate for India?Anandaiah, Ravilla; Choe, Minja Kim
2000Women's education can improve child nutrition in IndiaMishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.
2003Factors affecting sex-selective abortion in IndiaRetherford, Robert D.; Roy, T.K.