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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Knowledge and use of oral rehydration therapy for childhood diarrhoea in India : effects of exposure to mass mediaRao, K.V.; Mishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.
1997Maternal education and the utilization of maternal and child health services in IndiaGovindasamy, Pavalavalli; Ramesh, B.M.
1998Mother's employment and infant and child mortality in IndiaKishor, Sunita; Parasuraman, Sulabha
2001Promoting institutional deliveries in rural India : the role of antenatal-care servicesSugathan, K.S.; Mishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.
1999Reasons for discontinuing and not intending to use contraception in IndiaMishra, Vinod K.; Retherford, Robert D.; Nair, P. Sadasivan; Feeney, Griffith
1997Son preference and its effect on fertility in IndiaMutharayappa, R.
1996Unmet need for family planning in Uttar PradeshDevi, D. Radha; Rastogi, Sita Ram; Retherford, Robert D.
1998Wanted and unwanted fertility in selected states of IndiaKulkarni, Sumati; Choe, Minja Kim