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Andrew Marvell: The Mower Mosaic

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Title: Andrew Marvell: The Mower Mosaic
Authors: Motoyama, Barbara
Issue Date: 15 Jan 2014
Publisher: University of Hawaii at Manoa
Abstract: In a remarkable number oF his poetical pieces, Andrew Marvell introduces a complex and mysterious Figure, the Mower. By replacing the simple shepherd-lover with the aggressive and mystiFying Mower, Marvell departs From the pastoral tradition.1 Instead oF the shepherd­ lover who lives in pleasant idleness, Marvell concentrates on the Mower who must labor under exacting conditions, both physical and emotional. Correspondingly, the Mower seizes the imagination oF the reader with his ambivalent position in relation to Nature: the Mower is both allied with, and alienated From, Nature.2 On the one hand, the Mower remains very close to Nature, For Nature is responsible For his livelihood. On the other hand, this unusual Figure, by cutting the grass, appears to be in conFlict with Nature in exercising the power to manipulate the course oF natural occurrences, that is, the growing oF natural things. With his scythe the Mower can destroy what Nature creates and nurtures, and yet, by destroying the overgrown weeds and grasses, he allows Nature to regain order and balance. Thus, the Mower is both Friend and enemy to Nature, and this Fluctuating oF his roles enables Marvell to develop a Far more serious image oF the Mower than is possible through the more limited role oF the traditional shepherd-lover.
Pages/Duration: 34 pages
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